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Help With Home Network Architecture/Layout


Hi, I need some help planning my network layout. I have 300GB fiber. Even though it is a new build townhouse there is no ethernet or phone wiring anywhere you would expect (Media wall, bedrooms, etc...) only in the flex room downstairs and in the kitchen.


My home is a three level townhouse. On the ground level is my garage and this is where my data panel is. On the second floor is my living room and it is where all my devices are (Optik TV, media server, AppleTV, PS4) these are the devices I want the most speed on.


Current setup:

In the garage data panel I have the Alcatel Fiber to ethernet and the Actiontec T3200M. The install tech used the Actiontec's MOCA to my living room. Coax comes into my living room and is split in 2 and there are 2 MOCA receivers. One MOCA to wifi extender via gigabit switch and the second to the Optik TV. The problem with this setup is that the wifi extender signal is iffy on the top third floor and I don't like that it is two different SSIDs. I tried to plug a third-party router into one of the MOCA receivers and put it in to bridge mode but the speeds were really awful.


What I would really like is the have the T3200M in my living room. Short of paying to pull a network cable up, is it possible to MOCA the Alcatel to the living room and put the T3200M there?


I also have GoogleWifi that I could set up. but again I would like the fastest and most reliable connection to be in my living room at my media centre.


I would appreciate any suggestions.





I dream of the day we have 300GB home internet speeds!  😄  

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Yes, you should be able to put a MOCA unit at the cabinet and move your Actiontec to the living room. The ONT has no MOCA function, so you would need an adapter.


You MIGHT be able to move the existing devices you have around to complete your goal without buying a new MOCA adapter, but YMMV.


If you have the opportunity to pull Ethernet - do so, it will future-proof your place! 

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Hi, thanks for your reply!


I do have two MOCA adaptors so I hooked them up, one in the data cabinet connected to the ethernet from the Alcatel and one in my living room. The coax between the MOCA adaptors is direct. It is not split anywhere or hooked up to outside cable service. I connected the Actiontec's WAN to the ethernet from the MOCA adaptor and the Optik TV to LAN1 and everything works BUT my download is averaging 65Mbps and but my upload is averaging 300Mbps. Any idea why this would be?


To be clear, at the moment my network is isolated from everything else, its Fiber > Alcatel > MOCA (Actiontec ECB6200) direct coax to second MOCA > Ethernet from MOCA to Actiontec T3200M > T3200M LAN 1 to Optik and LAN 2 to PC that I am speed testing on. I am using Telus server.

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What happens if you disconnect the TV from LAN 1 and Speedtest?

What were your speeds at the Actiontec before you moved it?



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Hi, I think I figured it out. Power reset everything and I have been getting 300/300 over several tests and devices. Not sure what it was but it seems stable now.


Thank you for your replies. I am new to the board but I will stick around and try to help where I can.


Kind Regards,



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@corradojeff wrote:


Thank you for your replies.

Happy you found a solution, and thanks for sharing!


I am new to the board but I will stick around and try to help where I can.


That's how we all started. Please continue to share your knowledge and experiences. There's always room for more folks offering potential solutions from different angles.


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