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Head Office for Telus moving


Back East to Toronto?


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Joe Natale the new President and CEO is staying in Toronto.

The Western Provinces Saskatewan,Alberta and British Columbia were dominated by big business always being East in Toronto. In the last decade things have changed and that is no longer so.

Although Telus has expanded throughout  Canada.  Do we really want to see the Head Office sent East.?



It is said that the Telus new top man will reside in Toronto and I assume there will be many video-teleconference's for daily business/board dealings. The modern world that does not rely on daily private jet trips for a 2 hour business luncheon.


The new guy also knows about technology, unlike some other companies heads who only know 'greedy extra profit for the investors and screw the customer as much as possible on a daily basis'.


Telus is still a West Canada company and thats where its anchor should hopefully stay always.



I note you mention 'Should Stay'.

Have you personally ever known a President and CEO of a Company that does not have his/her main executive office in the Head Office ? It states Joe Natale will stay in Toronto.

It will be a very sad state of affairs if Telus which has its roots decades ago in BCTel/Telus is taken back East.

Considering they just spent upwards of $400 million to build a new head office in Vancouver, I don't think they are moving East. Also, the outgoing CEO is going to become an executive member of the board, so he will still be heavily involved in the direction of the company. 


Edit: Just wanted to add that there is a huge difference between executive and non-executive members for the board of directors. The old chairman was a non-executive member. 

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I still feel it very strange that the President and CEO will stay in Toronto instead of Head Office.Nobody knows how long the ex President will stay with the Company .He might decide to move on. My own personal opinion is that I cannot see a person with the ex Presidents personality be satisfield being an underdog to anyone.

Maybe those going to the Annual General Meeting might ask this question about location of Head Office.

It appears that Telus has ventured into the leasing Real Estate business.Amazon being a big leasee in the New Building, Vancouver.