HORRIBLE SUPPORT!!!! 45 Minute Wait Times on Phone, 45 Minute Wait Times on Live Chat!!!


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On hold for 93 minutes and counting.. (on my cell, though kept far away to reduce radiation...) 




Must contact new service.  Get right away.  Isn't it obvious?  Want your money then....


Everybody has peak times and non peak times.  They try to staff things as well as they can. I've had fast and slow response times on both Telus and Shaw.  Right now, for example, I am on the line with Shaw which I'm told will be an hour.  However, Telus is unable to deliver sufficiently fast internet or sufficiently usable TV (yes, I did have it for a year) so I'm stuck.  However, I'm on hold using a Telus mobility phone.


The issue I do have with Telus support is their overseas call centers.  If your customers are in Canada, your customer support should be in Canada. Period.  Rogers and Shaw seem to get this, Telus doesn't.  The last time I reached their support center in Central America, the CSR was unable to answer a question about MMS messaging because he DIDN'T KNOW what it was - and apparently had no way to find out.  And it isn't the first time I've reached that call center where the knowledge isn't there.  So MY issue is, that after one has waited on hold, make sure the person on the other end knows their stuff!

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Re: We got problem sorted out! Thank you TELUS


Here are my issues.  For the last couple of years Telus makes about 3 billing errors a year on my account.  That's bad but what has  really pushed me over the edge is then having to waste hours waiting to get through to a customer service rep to get the issue corrected.  They don't offer a call back option so i need to sit there on the phone, and while the website suggests that there is a 'chat' function to text with someone to sort out your issue, in fact that option doesn't exist anymore and clicking on the 'chat' box does nothing.  The people i talk to once i finally get through are so nice and helpful but they're just the front line staff (probably making peanuts to get yelled at by irate consumers) who have to clean up the mess created by the people running the show (who are getting paid 6 and 7 figure salaries).  It's the people in the billing department and whoever is responsible for creating and managing the entire Contact Telus structure that should have to spend a day on the phones speaking to irate customers.  The CSRs realize how crappy Telus is with their customer interface and the woman i ultimately talked to apologized profusely for the delay getting through and almost begged me to go on this site to write a comment about all that is wrong with Telus.  I'm so mad right now with the constant billing errors and time i waste getting though to get them fixed that i'm inclined to leave Telus.  YOU SUCK!


You got off lucky.  Try 2 hours in hold.  No call back option. Telus won’t be in business much longer with such terrible customer service.  Write CRTC to complain.  When I did finally reach someone they couldn’t help me and transferred me to Customer loyalty.  No loyalty here,,  


Old thread, but yeah, get the CRTC involved again, (tho I'm unsure such a thing is within their mandate, and should not be), with the result you'd start getting charged per minute to be on hold and your service charges would suddenly (unexpectedly!!!!!) skyrocket. Cat Tongue