HORRIBLE SUPPORT!!!! 45 Minute Wait Times on Phone, 45 Minute Wait Times on Live Chat!!!


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First and foremost, if any Telus agent is reading this, cancel my service effective Monday, July 5th.

45 Minute wait times on both Phone and Live Chat support are unacceptable and that always seems to be the case.

The Live Chat window doesn't pop up, instead it's integrated into the **bleep**ing web page so if you accidentally navigate away you lose all your previous conversation and chat history. Brilliant!

No option to Email support? No call back feature?


Shaw answer the support phone in 5 minutes or less every time I call, so I've just ordered there service in place of Telus.

See ya, Telus!

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To cancel your services you must call and speak to an agent. Your account is not cancelled by requesting so in a forum post. You can easily open another tab, so you don't "lose" the page.


As an ex Shaw customer the grass certainly wasn't greener coming from there.  Customer service there was non existent and issues were never resolved after 2 years at one location i lived at. One day i had enough of my TV going out 15 times a day and internet constantly congested on a saturated node. I sure won't miss their 2 time a year price increases either.


As with any company they all can have wait times, Shaw isn't immune either. "The pre recorded, we are experiencing higher then normal call volume" and the call back didn't always work.


FYI i just called telus and after navigating the prompts i was connected to a CSR Rep. Live chat i was que 3


If you wish to email them and address your concerns visit:






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Friendly Neighbour

As I said, no call back feature is pre-historic and offensive, they do not give a **bleep** about our time.

The link you provided is an escalation link. There's nothing to escalate because I didn't get service in the first place.

I've spent many years at both Shaw & Telus and I've been a Telus mobility customer for 18 years. I just signed on with Telus Home 6 months ago after spending many years with Shaw and I do enjoy Telus TV more, after 4 the tech visits it took to get it right. Telus internet is simply not as good, constantly getting data usage warnings and less than advertised speeds (you won't get data warnings or charges from Shaw for going over).

Most importantly, ANY time I call Telus it's 45+ minutes wait time with no call back feature. ANY time I call Shaw it's < 5 minutes. Call once per day to each for the next week and you'll see what the hell I'm talking about. The Live Chat feature now doesn't work at all and I'm trying to use two different browsers, no connection to support, just a blank page. This is seriously pathetic. Last time I left Telus was around 2009 when they sourced all their support to India or some friggen' place. Might as well leave it there if you can't be bother to answer for 45+ minutes. I'm seriously excited to cancel my Telus service, if only I could get a hold of someone there to finalize it.

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Not sure why data usuage warnings are such a big deal. When Telus has data caps. You can purchase unlimited internet.

As for Shaw the sky isn't the limit and a free for all they do enforce people downloading till the cows come home well past their "limit".

I'd sooner have a dedicated line then be on a saturated node. I constantly have 55mbps down 11mbps up on my 50 plan.

The times I had to call customer service it was well under 10 minutes. You caught them on a busy day. It happens, but each customer get's their issues dealt with.

The link I gave previous was so you could complain via email about your experience.

Have a great day on the other side.

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I have used call back feature many times including last Friday.  Anytime it is more than 6-8 minutes, I have got that option and it always worked. 


I agree. The worst support I have ever experienced. 1 hour and 35 minutes on the phone mostly on hold being passed from department to department. Simple port forwarding question. Shaw is soooooo much better. As a consultant, I lose money every time I encounter Telus internet. I'll be recommending the clients switch to Shaw or I'll have to add $200 for my time in resolving Telus issues. I have never had to make more that one call to resolve a Shaw issue. With Telus I am on my 4th call and no one knows the answer.  Last recommendation was to try calling Actiontec.

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You could have had the callback feature, use online chat or simple to post in the forum..

Since a simple question on port forwarding, you could have received an answer here. You clearly know how to make a post..

Shaw support is some of the worst especially if you have issues in your area. They prefer to leave customers in limbo and say nothing. If you complain on social media or their forums. It's highly moderated to only show the roses and nothing bad.

Try posting something negative and truthful and see how long the post stays up. Chances are they'll remove the post give you a warning and permanently ban you on all social media.

Great company... 😀

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Wow, that was super helpful. Trash the competition. Do you work for Telus? 

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Port forwarding in most cases is not something that tech support offers support for. Judging by the forums, depending on which device you have it may or may not work depending on what you're trying to do. Bridging the gateways (T1200/T2200) is also an option and it's not hard to find in the settings.

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@GregM wrote:

Wow, that was super helpful. Trash the competition. Do you work for Telus? 

No i was a Shaw customer for 9 years before. Just a normal customer like you, i had enough of their excuses and lack of fixing things. So i took my money elsewhere 2 years ago. Best decision of my life.


Node saturation for years, many days i couldn't even watch a YouTube video let alone do any real work at least 10 days a month. Don't get me started on their Beta software in the PVR and constant pixelation and hard rebooting.A person can only take a discount for so long before going elsewhere. Shaw basically said it is what it is. But took my money no problem.


I've been on both sides of the grass, and for me Telus works out to be the better provider for me.

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TELUS Awarded Lithy for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction





QUESTION FOR EVERYONE...  I too am currently experiencing teh absolute service ever!!!  I want to add channels ASAP.  I was 45th in the queue, waited close to 30 mins, then someone came on and said "oh sorry im with mobility, ill transfer you right away" now i have been waiting 17 mins (yes i am on the Add channel TV page) I cant add channels online (they are having issues) I cant do it on my tv ( they are having issues) been waiting on the phone now for over 40 mins.  SO my question is, does TELUS read our complaints? or is this there way of letting us vent? This is not the first time I have experienced this with them? It seems to be a consistent thing with TELUS? I just want to know what TELUS is doing to make up for all the time we have ALL wasted waiting for Customer Service, if anything... do they even read these?  Maybe they need to spend less on their "cute" commercials and get more staff!!!  If I could cancel right now I would!!


If I could cancel right now I would!!!  can not wait for my subscription to expiry!!


I have also had terrible trouble connecting with Telus. Once I was on hold for 2 hours before getting a "We're sorry, we cannot connect your" message and a hangup.


It seems to me that I remember some deal whereby the CRTC monitored telephone wait times for cable companies, and fined them if they averaged more than some ((short) time. Was I dreaming that? Are those rules still in effect?


Customer support wartime seem to have gotten even worse.  Waited over 2 hours yesterday.  Went through the whole loop of recorded music and finally gave up.  Same thing today.  It's no help to have the recorded voice of an obviously grossly understaffed service tell me that "we understand that your time is valuable".  I know support isn't a profit centre but there is a limit to how much a good business can continue to frustrate its customers.  


I called in about the 'switched to 1GB connection, got 'data exceeded' a week later' problem I posted a thread about and hung up after 35 minutes, then tried again later and hung up after 45 minutes.   Tried the chat and was 11th in line...


Went on Twitter and posted about it and got a response within two minutes. 


The hour + waits is indicative of all the unhappy customers seeking and NOT GETTING help.


Of which I am one


Still NO help with my issue they pretend to be unaware of it when I call , its pathetic

My iternet speed is at 0.8 mbps with constant drop in service. They Suggest I buy a more Expensive plan !! WHAT A JOKE


I hardly ever call Telus but lately I've had to call a few times and everytime I waited at least 45 minutes.  One was to add call forwarding and the next time to remove it and add call display, once was up upgrade my internet speed.  I should have to wait to spend money.  Not a good business model.


On hold for 93 minutes and counting.. (on my cell, though kept far away to reduce radiation...) 



Friendly Neighbour

They have a call back feature? I was on hold for one hour the other afternoon and gave up. That would be a good option.