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HDCP Errors - I can't be the Only one who gets these constantly

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H1001, H1005, etc. All HDCP errors. 90% of the time, I end up having to power cycle either the TV or the PVR to fix it. I've had these regularly over the last two years. Different TV, two different PVRs, multiple different HDMI cables.


These errors only occur because the TV provider is worried you are going to pirate their signal and make illegal copies of their programming. On systems where you are already making recordings via your PVR... It's silly, antiquated Anti-Piracy crap that we have to put up with, because no one complains about it.


Am I really the only person that has to deal with this crap multiple times per week?


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Community Power User
Buy an HDMI splitter it ignores HDCP requests. It's a cheap permanent fix. Works great for when I edit from multiple digital sources. No more errors. 😀

Just Moved In

I had the same problem, sometimes I still get errors but not as often anymore.  I had multiple PVR's changed . I had everything reconfigured , and now my PVR is not connected to the TV but is in a totally different room. I have the regular boxes where the TV's are and I also have everything WI FI now , not connected by cable and its made a big difference.  


I had that problem a lot--both occasional black screens and occasional "HDCP errors." This happened both when my STB (CIS430) HDMI output went into my Home Theatre (which was then connected to the tv via another HDMI cable) and when the STB HDMI cable went directly to my tv.


The friendly Telus guy in the Philippines at first insisted that the fault was in either my Home Theatre oor tv set, not the STB. As an interim measure, he arranged to send me component / audio cables (red-blue-green and red-white) to bypass the whole HDMI thing. I hated that arrangement, not so much because of tv picture quality (I have a 32" 720p set), but because this bypassed the Home Theatre, and because my Harmony remote was nicely set up to control everything with one remote.


I never got around to insisting that Telus do something more about the problem, but eventually they offered to upgrade me to 4K/Internet50, with a new modem/router and new PVR/STB. Back to HDMI cables and my Harmony remote, no problems so far.