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Does the TV guide  change from subscribed channels back to simply being guide each time you turn off the digital box?  Ours do.  Is there a way to  keep them at subscribed channels all the time?



Hey, Reneeaz! 


I have the subscribed view on at home, and my sub view stays on all the time. I've not had it revert automatically, even after unplugging from the power source. 


To clarify, are you using the below method to filter subscribed channels?  


You can customize your onscreen guide to display only the channels to which you're subscribed
  • Press Options on your Optik TV remote control.
  • Select Favourite lists.
  • Select Subscribed channels.
  • Select Ok.

Exactly, yes


Sounds like it's worth calling into tech support to have them troubleshoot the equipment with you as that's not normal behaviour. 


Optik TV: 310-MYTV (6988)  and follow menus to repair. 



I agree


I have the 4K pvr and notice this as well. Almost everyday the setting for subscribed channels goes back to all channels. Very annoying.

It's mainly two tv's that do this. Seems to be a flaw in TELUS programming.


Community Power User
Community Power User

All the boxes receive the same firmware for their models. If it was a flaw everyone's receiver would be doing it. Call into Telus and get them to do some testing on it from their end. You're best to call early to avoid long wait times.

Am going to do that.. thanks


Community Power User
Community Power User

Mine stay as Subscribed only. They shouldn't revert back to All Channels on its own. You can also customize your guide and remove any channels from it that you don't want to see. I've done that also.

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