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Great experience extending the TV, Internet and Phone package


Just thought I let the neighborhood members know that I recently called Telus Loyalty.  I happened to get a really great L&R agent, Mariel Bennet.  I was on some promotion until August 30-2018.  Before the next billing cycle(13th) I thought I see what they can do.  As I have been on 150/150 fibre for the last 8 months or so, I thought I also ask about 300/300 service as Shaw has been calling me about a deal.


Anyway, I expected some line that since I was on promotion they cannot continue it etc.  But, to my pleasant surprise, Mariel was very nice, saw that I have been a long time customer and agreed to extend my current promo price for another year for an  extra $10 with 300/300 upgrade.  Initially she thought a tech visit may be needed but when she realized that I have the latest modem, she changed the profile herself and in the next few minutes my speed was up. I must say that I haven't had such seamless upgrade experience ever.


But that wasn't all. My download speed was stuck at around 270mbps and I sent an email to her if there was something wrong.  She immediately called back and connected to a technical service rep(who also was very nice) and he went through my actual setup.  It turned out that my Asus router RT-AC3100 connected to the bridged Actiontec T3200M was causing the slowdown.  


Overall, it was a really great experience as in the past some other L&R agent told me that I was on promotion and it was time I paid full price!  I have complained to Telus when things weren't working right but this is the occasion, I commend them.  I sure don't want to think about it for another 11 months or so. Thanks Telus. By the way, when I called the message said the wait time was going to be at least an hour but I got Mariel in 25 minutes. Thank you Mariel.


Just Moved In

Lucky you!  I was told that they no longer have a Loyalty Department.  I have been a Telus customer for over 20 years.  This past March we had a power outage and our Optic TV has never been the same.  We constantly lose PVR connectivity, Optic on the Go is completely gone and Telus cannot figure it out. They say it's a glitch in the system.  So, we continue to pay for all of our service (phone/internet/tv) without getting all the benefits.  They constantly decide to "reset" everything, (all recordings lost, settings lost etc) without achieving any results.  So, I have now decided to DEMAND that TELUS remove ALL of their equipment.  Is there really a LOYALTY department?

Hi, Sorry to hear that.  If you have been with Telus for 20 years, you definitely deserve better treatment.  But, to answer your question, yes there certainly is a loyalty department.  You may either ask to talk to a loyalty agent or navigate through their system and press 4 for discontinue service and you will get a loyalty and retention agent. 


I have encountered not so nice loyalty agents before.  In those cases I just politely say not to make any changes and that I would try a different agent at a different time and try again.  Telus, you have to understand, is a large organization with a lot of people. So, you may have to try a couple of times to get someone who is sympathetic to your situation.  Once you get such a person, the rest is easy.  They certainly don't want a long term customer to leave. 


Finally, I am only saying this as a customer.  I don't know anyone higher up or have no other contacts.  I happened to be fortunate to get someone really nice who appreciated my long term loyalty. 


Just an update.  There was some error in the first month bill and one email and 5 minutes later Mariel fixed it.  Didn't have to call, hold, explain etc.