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Four days and still can't view/edit channel selection on My Account website.


Since Friday March 17, I've been unable to view or edit my Telus Optik channel selection through the My Account website.  Every time I select "Manage Channels" I get the following:
3-20-2017 11-49-35 AM.png

I was only able to make changes to my selection by contacting Telus support.

What's the use of having self-service options if they don't work?


- Dave Ducharme


Community Power User
Community Power User
@Charrion Generally if you're a brand new account it takes a few days for all functions to become available in "my account".

If you're an existing customer and now have account issues call, or chat with Telus use the 'Contact Us' section at the bottom of the page.

I’ve had this account for over four years, I’m not a fiber customer, and I did take it up with Telus support. The representative was helpful in making the requested change to my lineup but never addressed the problem with the site in the first place.

I can’t email Telus about it because apparently their Optik support team doesn’t have an email address available where customers can see it. That is why I brought it to the public forum, to see if this is an isolated issue or something being experienced by others.

Community Power User
Community Power User
@Charrion "my account" works as it should (for me) and no reports of any issues. Which means there is some type of issue with your "my account" (Telus will have to look into). When you speak to a Telus Rep specifically state the issue. (They should be able to fix it on the phone (so it's viewable again) unless a technical glitch they can't fix. It will be passed onto the appropriate department.

Use the contact us at the bottom of the page to initiate a "live chat" call, or reach out to them via twitter.

Here at the neighbourhood we are normal customers like you who share our knowledge. Any account related issues you must contact Telus.

Old post, I can't add my own channels from the box either get told can't do it .. Any making channel changes online get told  we are not able to make changes 

OP was not an Optic subscriber. Are you?

Yes I am ...optik tv and Telus internet


If you are on the Fibre 150/150 plan (i.e. fibre to the home) then try this link - - this is what I was told to use when I phoned to complain that I couldn't manage Optik TV in My Account.  Telus obviously doesn't publicize this site very much but it certainly works.