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Fibre internet 150

This was a speed test on my Xbox one on Telus fibre 150 and its lookin great. 




just got this hooked up myself and wow this is lookin awesome 

Enjoy the speed!
Unfortunately Internet 75 is all I can get in my neighborhood. I'm regularly getting 80-85 on tests so I can't really complain.

At the moment I am hating Telus.  I have had the copper 75 plan for ages and it was cranking out over 50-60M and that was great.  They recently told uis about Fibre coming and scheduled the change for Saturday.  I have had hell since some sales person charged us $10 more a month for unlimited data and brought our internet to its F-ing knees.


It's been like this since the 11th of April.  Today is the 15th.  This is ugly service.  Even the web app Telus recommends we use to test test the speed says, your internet is very slow.   The support people are not connected and my Helpdesk guys said I have (on their records) High speed internet advanced (v2) and it includes.


*Downstream speed up to 3.0 Mbps
*Upstream speed up to 1.0 mbps
*150 GB/month Internet connection traffic
*10 e-mail accounts with 5GB capacity
*20 hours dial up Internet access per month ($1.50 per hour overtime)
*2 dynamic IP addresses
*TELUS Security Services V10


3M!!!   Netflix requires 5.  I don't know what is going on with Telus but I hope they can fix this up for me soon.




Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 10.54.08 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-04-15 at 10.03.47 PM.png

Community Power User
Community Power User

If you're having trouble you'd have been better off starting a new discussion on the forums here as it would have given your issue more visibility.


If I'm reading your post right, you're getting fibre this coming saturday? If yes, your old plan shouldn't have been scheduled to change until then. When you called in and spoke with technical support, if it was a simple profile issue, that usually could be corrected very fast. The minimum profile would not explain the extremely high latency you are showing on either speed test though. Even on copper myself, my latency when using is average about 4-5ms. I'd say contact them again and have them double check everything and see if there is anything they can do.


I'd also suggest calling PureFibre Sales (1-844-372-8559) and have them check what exactly was changed when the unlimited data was added. Normally that change should have zero impact on speed. Also have them check on what your current plan is.


As for "High speed internet advanced (v2)" you posted, was that from Telus support or your own helpdesk? A lot of that information you posted is badly out of date. For example:


  1. High speed internet advanced (v2) is a name for an ancient internet package which was replaced by "Internet 6" years ago.
  2. Telus completely discontinued all dial-up service in 2016. Dial-up hours would have been removed from DSL bundles before that.
  3. Telus Security Services were also discontinued years ago when that software was replaced by Norton.


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Are you hard wired? Have you experienced an ethernet port short?