Fibre in my Neighbourhood


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Telus reps came to my house a couple of weeks ago, I only answered the door because I saw they were Telus folks, I thought they were going to ask me if I would like fibre installed to my house.  NOT.  They were just wanting me to switch to Telus services.  I asked them when Fibre would be in my Neighbourhood.  They couldn't tell me.  WHO CAN??

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If Fibre isn't available in your area yet. The more people who request it, may or may not speed up their buildout. You can visit

Telus doesn't divulge any information on their current plans or area build outs. I'm located in an area without Fibre and just patiently wait

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For the past two weeks or so I've noticed my internet fluctuating on and off very frequently throughout the day. I was told by my father it was due to the fact Purefibre was being installed around the area (Not too sure if that's true). I found it odd so I input our address and surely enough Purefibre is coming to our area. I was told they were doing installations throughout the night to the morning, which is also odd because my area is incredibly poorly lit at night. So I was wondering for anyone who currently has Purefibre, how long did it take for them to install it to the area and finally begin to roll out salesreps to offer to have it installed? Just wondering as I've eagerly been waiting and needed some validation as to what's been told to me already. Thanks!
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From what I remember...

  • a mailer came out asking for permission to come to your property to install the basic line
  • then someone came by asking if I wanted to convert from copper to fibre
  • then someone came to do the installation into the home.  Took just over an hour

I guess it depends...

  • when fibre is rolled out to neighborhoods.  Urban areas will likely see it sooner.
  • weather... my neighborhood installation took about 2 months.  I purposely called to delay/reschedule the installation a few weeks because there was too much snow to street and property.  There was times there was no garbage pickup in the neighborhood.
  • time of the year.  Black Friday and Boxing Week has a huge surge in new installations and can add additional delays to the installation.
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There are also at least 3 crews involved; one strings the Fibre, another joins segments, and yet another strings the last hop to the pole/ point of demarcation. Only then can the installer become involved.


Timeline from first contact to our installation was about 5 months.


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It was about 2 months from when they started running it on the poles until I was connected.  If you’ve got underground wiring you will be very close to getting it when the HydroVac trucks are driving around the neighbourhood running the fibre to people’s houses.


basically you can order as soon as there’s a little white wire spooled up beside the phone access box on the side of your house.