Fibre Service in Aspen Woods in Calgary


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My 'hood is available for fibre based on telus's map here:

However when I call I am told there is fibre in the neighbourhood but no cabinet (??) - Any way of getting fibre service, or do I have to move the the big blue logo'ed service provider, who can do 100+ MBps... Would rather stick with Telus! But I need fibre

Community Power User
Community Power User

If the infrastructure is not available yet to complete the installation, then you would have to wait until such time as it is completed. As Fibre to the home means installing completely new service from end-to-end, it may take some time. It seems like your area is in the midst of a build-out, and should have FTTH available in the next few months.


Edit: Looks like your neighbourhood has fibre to some addresses, possibly for large accounts such as schools or businesses, and there may be some connectivity near those facilities, but limited elsewhere.

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