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We have just upgraded to Fibre Optik 4K we had the 4K with internet 

50 on copper. It worked fine, we just wanted to get into the future, since

our building was upgraded. Mostly works great just have an issue with

no sound once in awhile for a short period of time. When first installed

had an issue with no sound and picture freeze. Tech came back and

installed another PVR, this seemed to solve the issue, but lately have the

sound issue coming back. This issue is only on our main TV and doesn't do

it on the two other tv's. Our TV is brand new and so is our Bose sound

system with we had on the other 4K system and never a problem. What 

I have done as test is pull out the HDMI cable and put it back into the PVR and

the problem goes away until a future time. I'm thinking its the new 4K cable that 

is the issue. Anyone else experience  this. This is happening in the past few months.

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I think @vishwa had a similar experience with his sound system and 4K TV. Hopefully he will stop by and offer comment.


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With your info, I'm almost positive that the issue is the HDMI cable or the HDMI port for that TV. Try changing the HDMI cable and see if the issue persists. Don't worry about the cable, there is no such thing as a 4K HDMI cable, purchase one within your budget. Consider to search for a high speed speed HDMI cable and that should do the trick. 

For you to confirm the whole thing about the HDMI, give this article a glance 🙂