Fibre Optics in my Area


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Golden, BC

When I signed up for Telus I was told the fastest speed available in my area was 15mbp/s Download and 1mbp/s Upload.
(Price: 71$/month for the first 6 months + 15$ per month for unlimited usage. Going up 20$ after the six months. So around 100$ a month afterwards.

Revelstoke which is about an hour and a half away has three services, and full coverage for Fibre Optics.
25mbps Download/Upload for 55$ a month
250mbps Download/Upload for 90$ a month &
950mbps Download/250mbps Upload for 150$ a month

Terribly slow in comparison, but I had checked the status for Fibre Optics in your Area, and it said "Hang in there, we are working on getting Fibre Optics to your area".

I found out after, Eastlink offers 20mbp/s Download and 2mbp/s Upload.

And Tekksavvy offers 50mbps with a Dry Loop for the same price.

All of that was frustrating enough, but now when I check the availability of Fibre Optics in my area, it says "Telus PureFibre is not available at your location".

What changed? Why did the website say Telus was bringing it to Golden before, but now aren't?

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There could be any number of reasons for the change in reporting of Fibre build timeline, from Telus being overconfident in the time to install to changes in their roll-out plans for Golden. Completing a Fibre buildout is costly and time-consuming. Telus has been completing it in communities where they will get the best return on their investment. In some areas, they also do not compete with existing small ISP. I don't know if Eastlink falls into that category, but I know of a number of small community ISP whose territory is not trampled by Telus.


I believe Eastlink runs Cable in Golden, so they could be an option for you. Tecksavvy operates on another ISP network (they are a reseller), so it would surprise me if they can offer speeds faster than those can offer. I note Shaw is not in Golden either.


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Same **bleep** thing happened to me in East Sooke on Vancouver Island.  They actually had "coming soon - sign up to allow Telus permission to your property".   Someone came to my neighbours house shortly after and was investigating and then left saying "it not coming up your street".  (3rd hand info just saying).  Now the fibre site has changed to "Telus Fibre not available in your area." with no ability to express interest.  I called in and asked for any info or escalation and had my worst Telus experience ever (usually I get great service).   If there are any managers reading this please contact me ask I need some information for future plans.  I have 4K TVs and if you never plan to service my area I deserve to know.  I have been a loyal customer for years.  Even if you could give me a guess at still coming in 2 years or something I could make some plans.  I already have a shaw 150/15 because we just can't survive on 23 down / 3 up.




Well I'm going to give one more shot via phone today and see what happens - if I can't get some straight answers - after that I guess it time to call Shaw!


Update - got in touch with retention and they actually gave me an honest yet disappointing answer that after detailed measuring from the lastest "new development" that has fibre that we are indeed on the outside of the range. Its going to be another couple years -  I was going to cancel but after talking to shaw for 30 minutes trying to align TV (frustrating) I decided to keep my shaw 150/15 and my Telus Optik DSL since I work from home.  Loyalty saves the day once again!!  Give them a chance before giving up!