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Fibre Install from Yesterday

Just Moved In



I just had Fibre installed yesterday and have a few questions. Thought I would check here to see if anyone else has experienced the same. 


Quick background on house. 10 yrs. old, in an older area where newer houses are slowly replacing older ones. My coax. cable is run from alley way to the back of my house where there is an anchor point, from there it goes down through a crawl space (5' high or so). The technician ran the new fibre line from the alley and connected to same anchor on house, which isn't an issue. From there, he didn't want to run it through crawl space. So, the line goes through the side of my house in to one of the spare bedrooms. On the outside, didn't have any issues, I wanted to go through crawl space at first, but at that point I didn't know the set-up required a white fibre box as well as the modem after that. Plus, looking in crawl space, walls may have been difficult to fish. 


With all that, the set up is currently as shown in the pictures. Now, the tech. mentioned to be careful with the optical cable and that the white box remains with the house if I were to sell. Does this white box have to remain on the wall? I have since got a couple of night stands to go next to bed, and was thinking of placing the box in one of the drawers with all wiring done up nicely since I have pets at home. If this were the case, then I could just mount it back on the wall if I were to move. Another question I have, how much can the optical cable bend. I'd like to enclose it with some cable concealing. Would the last picture be too much of a bend? The one of I got in picture would be for inside bend to route cable on to the other wall. 


If there's any other info that I can provide, please let me know. Thanks for the help. 








CPU Alum
CPU Alum

As in this video.... my fiber install had both the Optical network terminal and router....

Community Power User
Community Power User

I do not recommend placing the ONT in anything movable, as someone trying to clear dust bunnies might forget about it being there, and breaking the fibre.  Here is a photo of my install, showing the radius of the installation being as small as about an inch or a bit less.


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