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Fiber optic lines -Not Happy At all

Just Moved In

I came home on Thursday after work and guess what I find on my front lawn....a great big slab with the word TELUS on it right smack dab in middle of it.  I can not express how unimpressed I am with Telus at the moment it looks like a headstone and it is raised out of the ground so we cannot even mow over it.  It is nasty, ugly and very large. When we were "told" this was happening there was no mention of our lawns being defaced this way. NOT HAPPY. 


If u are referring to a concrete slab keep in mind that any work being done would be done in the right of way. That being said the landscaping will be returned to its previous state as construction progresses as well.


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telus fibre junction.jpg


Thats a  junction box. Lot nicer than a big Dslam.

The landscape crew will come by eventually and add some soil, then put seed or sod to blend it to the existing grass.


Just Moved In

I know it is in the utility right of way... I am not an idiot. The reason I am not impressed is because of where they put it and how large it is and how far it is out of the ground. It looks like a bloody tombstone right in the middle of my lawn. They would have to build up my entire lawn 6 inches to have it not stick out like a sore thumb. I don't even want the service. 

If indeed concerned over the recent install, please contact TELUS support to have this escalated to a Manager. This would be sent out to Landscaping services to get checked on. 1-888-811-2323