Fiber lines wanted in our area


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When will our area get Fiber internet we are located 7 minutes east of Leduc, AB and 7 minutes South of Beaumont,AB our area is called Sunnyville as well connected within 2 miles north is a smaller subdivision and one 3 x our size 2 miles northwest ? That is about 135 homes to connect to in a radious of 1 mile if you pin point the center of the three subdivisions all off Airport Road EIA Our tax dollars for Leduc County paid 1 Mil to Telus and they brought internet to Nisku that is about 4 miles down from our area but we seimpy all pay $4,000 plus in taxes and have zero services and are tired of xplornets issues they use your towers but simply slow down everyone and up sell snake oil speeds. Making it a point to slow down microsoft downloads which simply are the basis of most peoples computer functions.  If we all are to buy your satalite, landline, cell service then being so close why no fiber lines???

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To quote @WestCoasterBC in a similar post about Chetwynd, BC:


"You can keep an eye out for it


Telus doesn't release an exact timeline or when it's available to a specific area. When you see the sub contractors in an area. It can take a few months for the build out, every community is unique and poses it's own challenges."

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