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Fiber internet 150/150 / Can I use my own router

Helpful Neighbour

For the fiber service that telus offers is it possible to use a different router instead of using the actiontec router?


because the problem is with this router some of my games my nat type is strict while for other games its open.


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Community Power User

Yes, but if you have Optik TV, you are better to keep the Actiontec, and bridge port 1 to your own router.


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Yes, you just plug directly into the ONT (that is the box that converts the fibre optic signal to ethernet) or use the bridged port 1 on the Telus router. 


One caveat is that your router may not be able to get IPv6 addresses if it does not support DHCPv6-PD.  I have a brand new tplink wireless ac router that does not support that even though it's a fairly high end recent model with all the bells and whistles.   Doesn't matter if I connect directly to the ONT or to the bridged port on the Telus router.  

Helpful Neighbour

Do you have internet only or do you also have OpticTV? 


If your're internet only the setup is very simple and you certainly use your own router. 


But if you have OpticTV as well the setup gets a bit more involved if you truly wish to ditch the actiontec. 


To do this the right way you will need a router with IPTV and 802.1p support. 

These two routers work for sure, other may work as well but these ones have been tested. 


-Netgear R7000


More information on setting up your Telus TV on a 3rd party router can be found here:

and here


I can personally confirm this works with the R7000 but I haven't personally tested the ASUS although people claim it works great too. 


yes, i got rid of my actiontec completely for this one and we have optik 4k television as well.  works great!

I just had 150/150 service installed, with Telus TM 3200 modem/router. May I ask, what are the reason some people want to use their own router instead of the one provided by Telus? I know, if I am asking this question I probably don't need another router, but I am just curious to learn 🙂

My only "problem" is that WiFi sign is a bit weak on the second floor (router is in the basement) so I am thinking of getting an access point to install on the main floor.

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Community Power User


A number of folks have found the T3200M router does not always work as expected. In my instance, my iPhone could not reliably connect to my Hue lights, we could not print to printers from iOS devices, and could not use Home Sharing between Mac computer and iOS devices. Adding another router addresses this.


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In addition to what @NFtoBC said, some people want to run either a VPN server, VPN client or both.  You need special firmware like DD-WRT, Tomato or Asus Merlin for doing that and none of the Telus supplied(or Shaw supplied for that matter) routers support that.

Another Valid reason is the Telus supplied Router does not provide for Traffic Monitoring (Data Usage) on a total or device usage.

The down side is these routes may require some means of Port Forwarding for things like Telus SMTP outgoing email transmission

Line the Asus AC-3200 with Merlin Firmware.