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I feel the need to express my feelings on the quality of services I have received from Telus to date.

Firstly, the service techs that have come out and had to put up with me personally have been fantastic. Great people to deal with. However...

Optik TV
Within the first month of having this service I had to get the Optik box swapped out due to sound issues. This new box is now experiencing the same issues as the first one. So I now have the optik box plugged directly into the TV, but the problem persists.

My wife has a friend who also has Telus, and they also have sound issues. It gets so bad at times that they simply turn on closed captioning to watch some shows. I never thought I'd say this, but I already miss Bell in a big way.

Recently I purchased a new higher-end receiver, and it is unable to process the HDMI signal coming from your optik box. So the optik remains plugged directly into the tv, and has the sound issues.

In gaming both myself and my wife have noted lag. At times it is significant. And last Thursday my wife had a VOIP call for work here at home. The app dropped the call due to internet signal quality.



Overall, I can not express how disappointed I am with the quality of the Telus offerings.


I have a tech coming out again next week. We will see how things look after the visit. But so far...

Community Power User
Community Power User
What Telus receivers do you have, the model numbers. What modem are you currently using? What internet package do you have? What brand of television do you own?

Have you checked for a software/firmware update for the stereo receiver. Manufacturers do often release firmware/software updates to improve their functionality and bug fixes.

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