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Feedback and suggestions for Telus


New customer here, about 6 months in.  My past experience has been with other providers offering satellite services to rural areas, as well as another major provider offering cable services to a major city, so I have good basis for comparison. 


I love Telus’s packages.  The fibroptic infrastructure allows for great internet streaming.  Those are the good things. 

I have received followup emails from agents I have spoken to by telephone re technical issues, which is good.  

Tech support is usually good.  Level of expertise seems to vary.  I’ve had to contact tech support more frequently than I would like.  It was a long process involving 3 different techs to finally get a piece of equipment replaced.  One tech followed up with me for a week during the diagnostic process, which was good. 


Individual agents in the field have been excellent and have gone above and beyond when coming to our home.  They not only dealt with the issue they came to deal with, but made a point of seeing what they could do to improve all Telus services.  They were respectful of us and our home, and they gave us contact information so we could follow up if we needed further assistance.  


Now, customer service.  Staff are very courteous and pleasant, always.  That being said:  Long hold times.  As long as an hour or more. I put the phone on speaker and go on with the day, but it ties up a lot of time and makes any dealing simply onerous.  Chat can be worse, if you’re in a long queue, like over 40 people, and you have to keep monitoring the computer to see where you are in the queue. 

Things are not always done correctly when you do get an agent, requiring a second or third session of this. 

I have dealt with several providers over the years, and Telus is bar none THE worst I have ever dealt with in this respect.  


What I would like to see:


When any change to services and account is requested, send an email to the customer confirming this.  


Allow the customer to set vacation suspension dates themselves on the website.  Then have it set so the customer gets an email confirming this.