Fed Up with Telus service


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I've been a Continuous  BC Tel customer since 89 and my wife  has been since 84,

But this is the final straw. there have been many but Im done


We have had a sketchy  phone line for 11 yrs ( since we moved into our home. Called telus a number of times - it was finally resolved this week.


However  since they replaced our old speed touch modem I cannot  stream  on my android box  even though the net speed  went up from 10-11.5 M to 14-14.5 ( still haven't seen promised and I might add paid for service- in-fact over charged for the service)


All service speeds tested both wired and wireless  through all the connections  and there is the fact that they cannot provide higher speeds and now their new modem is throttling  streaming somehow?  yes Ive rebooted their modem and my router etc  several times

Now Im going to find out how shaw is on service  shaw 150  is LESS    and that's the 2nd yr pricing  after the discount comes off ! than what telus has been boning me for 15! so 10 times the service for less ( yes Im aware that shaw speeds drop when busy but so does my telus service and I will find out how low soon enough)

Business ethics telus have you heard of that?  judging by how much you have been gouging me I guess not !


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Community Power User

More details about the streaming issue would help the folks here offer suggestions or solutions. What errors are you seeing when you try to stream on your Android box. Also what device is it?

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