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False Charges

Just Moved In
On June, 2017 we were connected to the Optic TV services. After few weeks we decided to disconnect from the service and a TELUS technician - came on July 21st, 2017 to make the disconnection. 
My husband asked the technician if it's possible to return the equipment to him instead of sending it via post mail. The technician called his supervisor to confirm that it's OK for him to collect the equipment. 
However, August bill indicated that we have to pay 845$ !!!! 750$ +GST for the two TV boxes !!!!
I made several complaints about this via online chat and an investigation form was submitted. As a result I was told that no equipment was located.
We have payed the internet bill for August bill and we still have 750$ pending for the equipment that have been taken by TELUS TECHNICIAN!!!

I have no idea what the technician have done with the TV boxes, however I expect you to resolve this issue ASAP!!!! NO one can give me an answer and no one from TELUS has contacted me even though I made it very clear that I want to speak to a higher management. 
This shows how unreliable your technicians are. and that we no longer can trust any TELUS representative.
Your company cannot be trusted!!!

Community Power User
Community Power User
You realize the Neighbourhood is inhabited by customers who have no access to the inner workings of Telus? You will need to contact Telus directly to resolve this. If you have the business card of the Tech, you can at least find a way to learn what happened to the devices you asked be returned.
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I would try to contact the tech who was at your house directly , he may of left his card with contact info they usually hand one out before leaving the job.


It appears he did not enter the serial numbers on the units as returned or alternately did not return them to the correct department.


If you don't have his contact number ask Telus service to have him call you to get to the bottom of it.


He was in your home they have to help you contact him