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Fake Telus survey

Just Moved In

I assume this is a scam - see the attached screenshot.  Please confirm that this is the case.Screenshot (14).png


Community Power User
Community Power User

If in doubt, don't do it. Judging by the review at the bottom of the screenshot, I'm leaning towards scam. The skin cream scam has been plaguing a lot of sites including Facebook.

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It's quite aggressive as it appears while using a browser (on EBay), interrupting the browser activity.  It's gotten through the Windows firewall plus McAfee by that point, plus whatever protection Telus has or should have in place.  I'd like to hear what Telus says about it.

Community Power User
Community Power User
Scam as clearly shown by the URL. There are fake gas, gift cards the list goes on an on. If something is hijacking your browser. I suggest running a scan with malwarebytes and remove any garbage it finds..

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Just Moved In

They got me too. However I decided to read the entire offer and when i read that i would be getting a new watch every month and being charged $98.00 per watch I immediately cancelled my order. A s&h charge of $7.75 was charged to my credit card within minutes of signing up for the watch, contrary to an email i received from them telling me that the order would be cancelled and no charges would be applied to my credit card. I cancelled my card immediately. I probably won't get my $7.75 back but i'll make life miserable for their CS people, with email after email after email..

I've seen this several times, and it just didn't smell right, so I killed it immediately. (My vague memory is that when I saw it, it purported to come from Telus itself, not just addressed to Telus customers, but I might be wrong.)


In a way I'm a bit relieved that it's just a marketing scam, not some sort of toxic/infection attempt.