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Facebook Loading Problems

Just Moved In

Both my husband & I have Apple computers. When we were with Shaw we never had any issues having Facebook load. We changed to Telus and now neither of us can get Facebook to load in the evenings. We type in (or use bookmark) and it loads about 25% and that is it. It will load during the day most of the time. I took my computer to work and had no issue with Facebook loading at all. No issues with any other sites. Any ideas? Thank you.





Sorry to hear that you are experiencing trouble accessing Facebook.

Have you tried different browsers?

Have you tried clearing out your cache and cookies?

Usually doing the above 2 things can solve the problem.

Let us know if it works.

Also, try visiting Facebook on a smartphone or tablet in the evening and see if it occurs again.

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Community Power User
Community Power User

Weird. I've experienced slow loading, or stoppage on some sites at times, but none as consistently you describe. You could try changing the DNS server info in your gateway, and see what happens. Many folks recommend (Google), others OpenDNS

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