Extremely slow speeds with Apple App Store updates


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No issues for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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In Drayton Valley with the same slow App Store download. We have Telus Optic with a 100 MB download speed and app updates take forever. Using the cell network everything is fine. Downloads also work using Shaw at a colleagues. Called Telus and they haven't heard about this issue. On the line now waiting for a reply. Fingers crossed. 


I was finally able to speak to a manager a Telus about this. They confirmed the issue is that Telus needs to upgrade their links to Apple but they are not doing that any time soon. Though it is on a upgrade "list". So until Telus decides to spend the money to upgrade their links, Telus customers will experience slow connection speeds to Apple whenever Apple released new software as their ports to Apple get saturated. When I asked the manager why there has not been an official Telus response in the forums here, they said until they do upgrade their links, which there is no timeframe on, they will not post an official response here. Poor customer service.


So after an hour on the phone, it's not a Telus problem, however Mach just replied Telus knows about the problem. So as a customer do I think Telus is treating me fair and open about the problem?  Nope! Looks like it's time for some social media tweets. 


Telus what is wrong with CS department? You do realize this discussion already monitored by at very least  by 3 journalist from the United States and Canada, 1 Editor for gains tech magazine and one from an independent but large website... imagine if journalist will call you... Or customer loyalty and relations lawyers - too bad I am not lawyer yet, would be perfect first case to win. ๐Ÿ˜ž

Community Manager
Community Manager

Dru from TELUS here.


Thank you all for bringing this to our attention! 


Your input was invaluable in helping us identify a challenge at a connection point between our networks. We are working closely with Apple to increase peering capacity and everything should be resolved soon.


On behalf of the TELUS Neighbourhood team, thank you so much for your patience on this matter and sorry about the inconvenience.


Great to hear, thanks Dru!  Any ETA?  Are we talking hours, days, weeks?  

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Community Power User

The problem has disappeared for me and one of my friend's across town. iOS and OSX downloads and updates appear to be working properly again.

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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

ET from TELUS here! We have finally restored the speed connection.


We identified a peering capacity limitation at a connection point between networks and worked closely with Apple to increase peering capacity.


Thank you to all of you for your patience!

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App downloads are back to normal.

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This does seem to be resolved.  Thank you.