Existing 50 mb customer getting bumped up to 150 mb for the same price?



Just had someone from D2C Sales at my door , who is an authorised seller for Telus advised me of the above?

They basically aid they are upgrading everyone on 50 mb to 150 mb speeds

Can anyone verify if this is indeed true?

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Not sure but Telus has made some pretty sweet offers on their 150/150 package. Have a look at Telus.com to see.


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I was kinda surprised when I looked at the 150Mbps download speeds compared to what I remember paying for 50Mbps download not long ago.


If there is a bump to 150Mbps..... I think there needs to be an equipment change.

  • I believe 50 Mbps or lower is copper.....
  • 100 Mbps requires a dual copper (bonded) line.
  • 150 Mbps will need fibre.
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My bonded copper I can only get a paltry 50mbps. Might have to move to a fibre neighbourhood. 😀

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Each of my lines were 50Mbps..... together they add up to 100Mbps download.


  • are you Ethernet connected?  I noticed my wifi speeds are lower than Ethernet.
  • when you do the speed test.... is there someone also streaming in the background?  I noticed my speed readering are higher when I turn off my IP security cameras
  • what does your router say about your speed on each incoming line?

I should add my area has pure fibre availability too

Great news! TELUS PureFibre is available at your home or business

Now you can enjoy our fastest, most reliable Internet and our best picture quality on Optik TV.

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Telus doesn't officially offer the 100/20 plan anymore,


but most bonded lines sync at roughly 130/25


in theory I could get 90/18 but that would not always be 100% reliable....Bell got into a lot of issues overselling like this (So Did Shaw and Rogers on DOCSIS)



Levels Downstream Upstream

Line Rate:32640 Kbps6144 Kbps
Attainable Line Rate:50195 Kbps10551 Kbps


Levels Downstream Upstream

Line Rate:43114 Kbps6144 Kbps
Attainable Line Rate:46025 Kbps9850 Kbps