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Essentials? Do we have to pay for this? Or could we just pick channels we want?


Do we need to start with an essential package before adding more channels?  Could we not just choose packages or single channels?  I really don't use any of the essential channels.


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There is a base cost to providing the service which is recouped through the Essentials or Lite packages. You can add channels from there. The CRTC requirement includes building from a basic plan, stating: "You can now subscribe to an affordable basic TV package that costs no more than $25 per month (not including equipment). You also have more options to add to that service as TV service providers must offer channels both individually and in packages of up to 10 channels."


Also, remember the CRTC decision was about giving Canadians more choice, not necessarily about bringing bargains. The media at the time clearly pointed out the double-edged sword we face.  Unbundling works well for those who want few extra channels, but the bundles may still be a good choice for those looking for broad entertainment options.



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The times are changing however and TELUS has done nothing but raise prices and offer really not much more.  People are forced to pay for Essentials when in fact more than half of them watch other channels.  Internet has moved a long way and many people are opting to cancel TV Optic services and just stream channels through the internet.  There is already a huge business and money hogging through Internet prices that are unjustifiably way overpriced.  Don't kid us by telling us that you got to cover the salaries to the server administrators and network administrators and thus need to have 45$ internet prices, that is just bogus.  Half of the time if not more, these servers are untouched or un-serviced by any staff and work for years without any adjustments.

Fact is, more and more people are going to be cancelling TV Optic services and elect to actually choose what they want to watch and what they want to pay for.  Millions are already doing it through YouTube and other live streaming websites that are FREE or much, much cheaper than a 38$ slap in the face Essential package. 

In addition, your sports package that includes TSN 2, TSN 3, TSN 4, TSN 5, on most days is a huge misconception to new customers as on most days, these channels broadcast the same sporting event at the SAME TIME.  That alone is a huge slap in the face to new customers as they are completely unaware by this and completely manipulated. 

TELUS really needs to restructure their TV Optic TV bundles and channel offerings because what they are doing is simply disgusting, thank God more and more people are realizing this. 

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While you may not have noticed any changes. The last 5 years many things you don't see have happened. Internet speeds upload/download speeds have increased dramatically, along with network reliability. Communities that once only had dial up or very slow copper line services. Many have been upgraded to the next generation fibre network.

Optik TV as a platform is evolving and preparing for the 4K shift that will begin to transform the TV landscape much like HD when it first rolled out.

While there has been price increases like any business or company they do try to keep costs passed to consumers to a minimum. No company wants Churn.

Work is already on the way for the next generation utilizing fibre that will provide TV, Internet services and much more. FTTH is rolling out across BC and Alberta as we speak. As for TV there has to be some minimum cost to provide TV services, while this day and age we are spoiled with hundreds of channels, years ago the choice was limited.

Servers are not set it and forget it, that's not how they work. Telus infrastructure does require upgrading and maintenance, again there is a cost for that rolled into the services Telus provides you the end consumer. When it comes to viewing actual network shows, channel content providers (Discovery, ABC, CBS etc) control how they want their content distributed.

YouTube is mainly user generated content, and offers very little live network channels. Netflix, Crave TV and a few others available in Canada (fee based) again these are not "Live" TV. As for "FREE" websites the majority of these sites are technically illegal and end users call it "streaming" a legal grey area.

As for TSN you do realize telus is just a carrier for those channels (along with every other IPTV, cable service in Canada) and does not control the programming. If you don't like how TSN is operating/programming direct your complaint to Bell Media (80% ownership 20% ESPN) or the CRTC.

Telus has offered more channels as pick and pay giving customers more choices that was mandated by the CRTC and followed by all Canadian providers. Again if you don't like how it has shaped up direct your complaints to the CRTC. As a consumer All Canadians were given a chance to speak up on these matters.

As mentioned by @NFtoBC in more detail above.

Then why are we here in BC paying $38 for channels I DON"T WATCH??!!!

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Depending on your viewing needs perhaps PikTV would interest you.