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Email question mail on ipad


Wife's ipad shows both webmail and gmail after migration ( shows all old folders in web and all labels in gmail ) She is storing  some emails on a folder in the telus webmail.  These are old folders we have used for years. I had terrible trouble to move to gmail. Is this possible. I haven't touched anything i"am not sure of myself with this. If this will work for her i will leave it alone. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Unless the folders are local to the iPad, leaving them on the webmail will be an issue, as once the interface is removed, she will have no further access to them. The simplest way to manage them is to mail (forward) them to herself at the new address.

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@NFtoBC  Two sections webmail and gmail. All webmail stuff is gone on laptop and desktop but ipad has retained what we had set up on webmail so have both. She retrived an email from folder on web mail mode. That email also shows up on all mail when in gmail mode. Maybe reboot the ipad and this will disappear? I had a bad time to do all the transfer.