Email contact for loyalty retention after phone call didn't attempt to resolve my issue?


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Is there an email address that I can use to reach out to a manager in the loyalty/retention department. I called this morning to try to arrange some better pricing for my mother, who is a retired senior. She has telus TV/internet and mobility. My entire family are long time, multi-service telus subscribers. I know there is a student internet package for $30 and yet, there was no reduced cost internet package for my mother, a senior who is now retired and living alone. She is paying over $235/ month for telus internet (15), cable and mobility.


The only offer I received was to lock her in to a contract to reduce her PVR rental fee, and that would give her 6 months of reduced promotional rates. I am not willing to lock my retired mother in to a contract to get no better a deal than a new customer would.


She likes certain channels and shows and as such, I am trying to find a way to keep her cable and internet as is, however, if we cannot find a solution we may need to either switch providers or go with an apple TV/Roku type streaming solution.


Contact information for someone who can provide better assistance than the loyalty member I spoke to today would be very helpful.


i cant agree more strongly 


i believe they intentionally make it hard to correspond in writing       obviously email is the most convienent for the customer


my email is get in touch if u want i'll be trying to get the same thing and believe that further action may need to be taken before we are given respect as clients