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Double router error

I have searched for hours on end and gone through router a few times. Now I need to pick someone's brain.

I have a T3200 set in bridge mode running a Asus router plugged into port 1 on the T3200. I have a NAS plugged into the Asus router.

The NAS is reporting an error that it is seeing "two or more routers..... UPnP did not pass the compatibility test...."

- ASUS router is getting a public ip from the modem.

I'm wondering if anyone has some insight on this issue?

Thanks 🙂


Community Power User
Community Power User

I have a similar setup but I do NOT have port 1 on the T3200 bridged and my Dlink router and pair of NASs work fine. No double router error, even when gaming. All I did was make sure the IP subnet on my router is not the same as the T3200. 



  • T3200 IP range: 192.168.1.x
  • Dlink IP range: 192.168.50.x

Since you're giving your router an external IP, are you trying to access your NAS remotely?

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