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Door2door selling lies


i have been considering a switch from Shaw but am waaiting for a good alternative.

Yesterday your "salesperson" came to my house.  This instantly guarantees i will not switch to Telus.  It is rude and disrespectful to show up at someones home unannounced!!   so good job. lost potential customer.

Also he was quite pushy and very adament that i would be happier with Telus because my price could never increase due to your service agreements.  THIS IS A LIE!!!!!    You do not guarantee my rate and the fact he is selling new customers on this fact is false advertising, fraud, intentionally misleading.  Telus has not improved its dirty tactics and i will be spreading the word to everyone i know.  This is a shame since many Shaw customers are not happy.  

considering cancelling my mobility account........



As with all companies, any door to door salesperson is usually an independent contractor and any lies or false statements need to be reported to the company they represent.

Door to door salesmen tend work on a commission basis and if they don't get a guranteed hourly wage for their effort plus sales commission, they tend to push things to b.s. levels.

 If you think he was bad, try one of them who represent Bell or Rogers. Dirty tricks galore.


Contact Telus.

Choose escalation if the other choices stink.


You can also file a complaint at the

If resolution is not satisfactory.

Gotta love the intelligent responses that deflect blame and point to the competitors' unethical behavior as a reasoning for Telus' unethical behavior.  "Because other companies do it too, so It's ok!!"  LOL

And by the way.  The company they represent is Telus!  And i am on Telus' website reporting it to Telus.  

While I don't agree that door to door sales are 'disrepectful' to the home owner, if they were pushy and you feel they provided inacurate information, then you should definitely report it to TELUS' customer care. Reporting it on their forum isn't a way of getting help from TELUS, it's more like b*tching to your neighbours and hoping they will find out. 


See what I did there? lol


If you had come here asking what other people thought of their internet service, I would have told you that I had Shaw for 15 years and I thought they provided decent internet speed. There were slow periods, usually around 6pm-11pm in my neighbourhood, but that wasn't a deal breaker. Then a friend started working for TELUS, so i made the switch out of solidarity. I couldn't believe what I was missing all that time. It's consistently fast and I haven't had one issue. Shaw calls me on a monthly basis to get me to move back, but, despite the fact i'm paying more at TELUS, I wouldn't even consider it. 


Again, that's what I would have told you...if your comments were constructive. Instead, you were just complaining for the sake of complaining. 

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thank you for your very constructive response in answering questions that nobody asked. 


also thank you for suggesting i report to "customer care".  i briefly forgot what company i was dealing with here.  other (better) businesses have employees that engage with customers through the forums.  


and it is very disrespectful!  would you show up at someones home unannounced?  i doubt it, and thats people you know, this is complete strangers that only want your money.   it's basically telemarketting but in your face.  i wonder how much oyu enjoy telemarketters calling you at home? 

We will have to agree to disagree about door2door sales being disrespectful @mpa 


As @NFtoBC said, perhaps you should read the introduction to the forum to understand it's intended purpose. 


All the arguing aside, TELUS does offer consistently fast and reliable internet. If you can get past the fact a sales person came to your door, I don't think you would be disapointed if you switched to their internet. 

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Telemarketers get the same response from me as door to door sales folk and religious evangelists - "thanks, but no."

As for the type and level of support provided here, possibly you should re-read the welcome announcements, which clearly describe the purpose of these forums.
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I actually like it when services like this come to my house.  I like to hear about possible new options and gives me a chance to ask about them face to face where they cant just put me on hold (lets me know if they really know what they are talking about or if they have to look it up).  I have also had Shaw come to my door trying to get me to switch to their service as well and am guessing you will have a visit from them to (if you are home when they show up).  I have heard of other smaller internet providers (cant remember the name right now) but I think they just use telus or shaws network and bill you so you would still be giving them your bussiness.  As well I dont think they offer phone or TV service (Not sure wich services you require).  

Friendly Neighbour

I cannot comment on Telus' door-to-door ethics but have been hit hard by their general dishonesty.  Three years ago, preparing to have extensive out-of-province reconstructive surgery as a result of an accident, I spent a full hour on the phone with a Telus rep to make sure I had an affordable mobile plan.  She assured me my total fee would be $55. monthly.  Complications followed the surgery, but even with pulmonary embolisms, I was surprised by the monthly ad-on fees of $50-$80.  The rep had lied: that $55 was, of course, just the base fee with hardly any data.  


In and out of the hospital for months, and in great pain, I couldn't deal with Telus until I was back home.  Then, I began a long  correspondence with Colin of Telus, who told me, ever-so politely, that although the mistake must clearly have been mine, and there was no way he could re-instate my initial plan, and there was no way he could credit my account with any of the hundreds of my wasted dollars, he could give me a new plan with more data.  And if I didn't like that, I could talk to a Telus manager.


Who are Telus managers and what are their contact numbers?  Are there any actual humans working there?  I only get robotic responses if I get any at all.  


Like many Telus users, I've given up--once my contract is up, I'll switch.  And until then, I'm channeling my indignation into lobbying for Verizon (and a more competitive field) by writing my MP.  That may be futile, too but at least it's a new futile.

Good luck, fellow humans.