Does telus read these messages?


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Looks like this Neighbourhood is just a venting place. Telus does not seem to read, respond or do too much about questions. I asked about KNOW in HD, as did others, and got no response from telus. I have also phoned Telus about this and got the 'we are looking into it' response.

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Community Power User
If that's how people use it, that's what it will become, a place where people vent. The description of this neighbourhood is a place for discussion and idea exchange amongst users of Telus' services. It is not and was never meant to replace the various customer support lines. It does allow members to exchange information and opinions which Telus employees are prohibited from doing, for example suggesting other carrier options, SIM switching when travelling, or offering opinions on specific hardware choices. Employees can usually answer 'how' questions, but not 'when' or 'why' questions. This is not uncommon in industry.

It is what it is; please don't expect it to be what it isn't.

In response to your request, until officially released, Telus employees would be prohibited from discussing future channel line up, even if they WERE knowledgable of such changes.
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