Does Telus. no longer offer Turbo Tax discount ??


Does Telus. no longer offer Turbo Tax discount ??

Didn't know where to post this.....every year there is an email from Telus offering a discounted Turbo Tax program for doing our Income tax....have they stopped this ???

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I've never gotten an email about that before from Telus. I also can't see any mention of an offer involving Telus and TurboTax in the past on Google either.


I'd say check out SimpleTax. It's what I use and found it to be better than TurboTax. It's also completely free too.

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Have used this the past 3-4 years at a few dollars off the program by ordering it thru Telus.....maybe a Perk they no longer offer ??  Will try teh one you suggested...Thanks