Does Teksavvy DSL/Cable work with telus TV


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I currently have optik tv, internet, and phone all on the optik line.  the internet is getting way too expensive at $57 specially that we only use less than 10GB.  I am looking at alternatives and noticed teksavvy has some good packages for less than $40.  Can I use teksavvy internet with my existing optik Tv and phone?

if I can, is there anything special that needs to be done? 

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Last I heard, you won't be able to use the Teksavvy modem with Telus service and vice versa. Look for the note on TekSavvy's modems page > * If you currently own a Telus ADSL modem, it will not work with our services. You'd likely have to have a separate phone line / wire pair / Actiontec to have Optik there.


Or just go for TekSavvy's Cable internet option instead. As long as none of your Optik boxes are using coax connections and the coax hasn't been modified, it should work.


Be wary of all the other fees/charges TekSavvy has not included with their montly plans. They can be quite steep. They will destroy any savings with them unless you keep their service for a very long time. If the modem dies, you're out of pocket again and will have to wait for it to be shipped to you. Issue with inside wiring? Good chance that'll be another charge if the Telus/Shaw tech goes out.


TekSavvy DSL setup costs:
- $130.00 - Modem (ZyXel VSG 1432, if you buy outright. $150 rent to own.)
- $ 10.00 - Modem shipping fee
- $ 55.00 - Activation fee including $20 credit for buying modem.
- $ 25.00 - Line Speed Charge
Optional: $ 39.00 - Dry loop fee (if no home phone service) plus minimum $7.04/mo.


TekSavvy Cable setup costs:
- $99.00 - Modem (Thomson DCM 475, if you buy outright. $120 rent to own.)
- $10.00 - Modem shipping fee
- $59.00 - Activation fee including $20 credit for buying modem.
- $79.00 - Cable Move fee (guessing for if you move)


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In addition to the comments of @Nighthawk you would also lose the $5 Telus Bundle discount for the service you drop. This effectively adds $5 to the TekSavvy price.


If your consumption is so low, possibly Telus would consider offering the Internet 6 package to you.


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It is two different service providers and the not being able to share the same DSL line/port


You could use the second pair on your incoming phone lines and get a Teksavvy 'dryloop'(no active phone on line). There is a dryloop fee, up-to $26(plus line activation fee for Telus to activate), depending on area. Plus all the other stated information in replies in this thread.


$30(base price without dryloop fee) for 6Mbps speed is very nice. Along with that 300GB a month


The Teksavvy service requires using a PPPoE(password/username), so thats why you need to buy an unlocked modem. Modems for Adsl service around $20-$40. The stated compatible modems/gateways, are listed as a 'guarenteed to work on Telus' for Adsl and Vdsl.