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Does Optik Use Bandwidth ?


Just curious , does it use any bandwidth that would show up on our monthly internet usage ? We're a new Internet and Optik customer and I checked our bandwidth yesterday . For our 23 day cycle it was over 240 gigs lol.



Optik TV should not show up in your Internet meter. TV can feasibly use Terrabytes per month.

There is a slight chance that a couple of GB's might show(edit clarify: overhead). That would be if the GB meter accidentally counted the Optik TV protocol.


With your higher internet speed, sites like Youtube will go to high def on the videos. Netflix has stream quality settings and being on auto can use more GB on newer shows/movies.

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Optik TV should not show up in your Internet meter. TV can feasibly use Terrabytes per month.

There is a slight chance that a couple of GB's might show(edit clarify: overhead). That would be if the GB meter accidentally counted the Optik TV protocol.


With your higher internet speed, sites like Youtube will go to high def on the videos. Netflix has stream quality settings and being on auto can use more GB on newer shows/movies.

Kind of what I thought , had to check though .


I looked at my router info last night , I see who is connected but it doesnt look like it tells me who is using what for bandwidth.

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Optik TV usage will not show up on the bandwidth meter. Telus only counts traffic that enters or leaves Telus' network. Optik is within the network and thus will not show up. 


@xjeepguy if you have someone running torrents unrestricted, that amount of bandwidth is easily possible. If you have a gamer in the household and has been downloading games off steam or origin etc, that can add up fast also. Here we racked up nearly 40GB in 2 days just from downloading games.

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If you use Chromecast, Roku, tablets, phone, or your computer to get content. That will bring your consumption up.

Yep , but a couple of androids on its wi-fi isn't  going to add up to that amount .

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Any chance you are using an online backup service and your terabyte drive is nearly full?


I have one Netflix user but that acct is set to low bandwidth and that TV is only used for a couple hours a night . There arent any torrents running wild here or back up services. Appreciate the input for sure. My old router used to be able to measure everyone's bandwidth used by their device IP . Is there anyway or app available to do that ? I didn't see anywhere in the router pages that could do this .



Thanks !


I was just looking at my usage on the Telus bandwidth page.  Missing one full week from last billing period with one day barely registered the 2GB usage that my own router shows.


Telus meter still not ready for the big leagues.


If it isn't your usage, then chalk it up to the meter not reading properly.

With the standard statement of making sure you changed the default Telus passwords on the gateway. Wifi and user/password.  The default security is better than a few years ago, that had a default password across all the gateways.



Maybe it's time to change the wifi password.


Where can I find my bandwidth page?  I'm just going by the summary on my monthly statement.

@xl wrote:



Where can I find my bandwidth page?  I'm just going by the summary on my monthly statement.

Log into your account. Internet section. View usage.

The usage page will disappear for a couple of days at end of usage cycle.  



Thanks... that "view usage" link is so small, took me four times before I found it.


There's an option for "show detailed usage".  Very handy to get a daily break-down of my consumption to find patterns.  Strange, my consumption shows for the 10 to the 21st.... nothing for the last 6 days.


@xjeepguy: are you using "Optik to Go"? This WILL add to your bandwidth consumption. 

No Optik to go



Going to try this > PRTG Network Monitor


Its free for 10 connections .

I've been on Telus VDSL2 with Optik TV for a little over a month now since switching from Shaw, which is enough for me to get a general reading on the stats.


The usage reported by Telus seems to run about 40% higher than Shaw for the same pattern of internet use. I don't know for sure which one is more accurate, but my estimate based on what I can track is that it's somewhere in the middle: Shaw is reading lower than my actual use, and Telus is reading higher. I'm not close to my monthly limit, so it hasn't been a big concern.


Telus runs 3 days behind in reporting usage stats, and then exactly at the end of the billing period they reset to zero, meaning you never get to see the usage of the last 3 days of the billing period.


Telus says that Optik TV viewing doesn't count in those stats, and I believe them, but it's possible that the PVR does contribute some general internet access.


The usage stats reported by the Actiontec modem/router are just confusing. I've had it a little over a month, but I did a factory reset on it a few weeks ago to fix the DDNS bug, which presumably reset the stats. The page is labeled "Estimated Interface Statistics". Why estimated? Doesn't it know how many bytes have passed through it?


The usage column headings show "Bytes (MB)". Neither makes sense - the totals are way too low if it's bytes, way too high if it's megabytes. It shows a total column and another total column labeled "since reset". What's the difference? They show the same values.


It's not clear if Optik TV is included in the xDSL total, but presumably not since the HPNA total is higher than the xDSL total.


It's not clear when the usage on the LAN port that my own router is connected to gets reset - does that happen any time my router disconnects and re-connects? But right now it shows an "Rx" total running about half of the "Tx" total. That's the opposite of what I would expect, but maybe it's just the way they label upload and download. A better question would be how on earth my upload could be running as much as half of my download when I hardly upload anything! Looks like the Actiontec is miscounting something there.


The Actiontec stats are probably nothing to do with how Telus measures usage at their end, but these issues make it difficult for customers to properly monitor or verify usage.

I'm doing an experiment in monitoring the Actiontec traffic stats.


All my home computers except one, and all my other networked equipment, are on my own Linksys router, which is connected to one of the LAN ports on the Actiontec. I have one notebook computer connected directly to another LAN port on the Actiontec. WiFi is disabled on the Actiontec, and there are no other LAN port connections. My Telus PVR is connected via HPNA (coax).


So far after 24 hours which included recording and watching a 1-hour HD TV program, web browsing, and downloading files totaling about 665 Mybtes, the change in the Actiontec "Estimated Interface Statistics" totals is:


xDSL total:  Rx = 0 bytes, Tx = 39.6 Mbytes

LAN port total for the port my Linksys router is on: Rx = 37.1 Mbytes, Tx = 0 Mbytes

LAN port total for my other computer: Rx = 1.8 Mbytes, Tx = 20.1 Mbytes


The change in HPNA values is:  Rx = 29.6 Mbytes, Tx = -477 Mbytes


Yes, you read that right, the HPNA Tx change in value is negative. Digits cut off in the table maybe? No way to tell - it's not adjustable, and it appears the same in different web browsers. If I go with assumption that at least 1 digit is cut off, the HPNA Tx value would be 9.6 Gbytes. That makes more sense if it represents a 1-hour HD TV program, but still too high by almost x2, right? And the Tx and Rx would appear to be reversed from the LAN port readings in that case.


Assuming that the Tx value for the LAN ports is the upload, it looks like the upload traffic from my Linksys router is not even registering with the Actiontec - maybe because it's too low and it ignores low values? The Rx value is way off, no idea what it means, except to point out that the totals for the two active LAN ports add up close to the total xDSL Rx value reported, but not quite. Something else that's not traffic from my computers is contributing to that total.


The reported Actiontec stats appear to have no obvious relationship to reality, and there seems to be some bugs affecting them. It will be a few days before I can compare them to the Telus reported traffic because of the 3 day delay. I'll post an update then, probably in a new topic. 🙂



I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that the Interface Stats displayed by the Actiontec are too full of bugs to be useful.


For example:

- on day 1, the xDSL Rx total reported was 2147483647 bytes, and the Linksys router LAN port Tx total reported was also 2147483647

- on day 2, the xDSL Rx total reported was 2147483647 bytes, and the Linksys router LAN port Tx total reported was also 2147483647

- on day 3, the xDSL Rx total reported was 1196405261 bytes (a lower number), and the the Linksys router LAN port Tx total reported was still 2147483647


- on day 3 the HPNA Tx total, which was different on days 1 and 2, was now also 2147483647


I can't help but note that 2147483647 is 2^31-1, so undoubtedly these fields have overflowed. But then why did the xDSL Rx total change on day 3 if it was overflowed on day 1 and day 2?


The next question is, how to reset these overflowed values.


There is a Clear button on the xDSL Status page, but it doesn't clear the Interface Stats, only the packet error counts.


If I release and renew my Telus IP address, and get a new IP address, the xDSL stats reset to zero.


Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any easy way to reset the overflowed LAN stats. Disconnecting and reconnecting doesn't do it. Releasing and renewing the IP address doesn't do it.


I still can't compare to the reported Telus usage, since Telus is only now reporting usage from 6 days ago. But I don't think it matters, since the actual usage clearly has no direct relationship to the Actiontec stats.


If Telus is going to be restricting usage and charging customers for over-use, I think they had better pay more attention to fixing the reporting in the Actiontec!

If I understand correctly, and I may not, watching the usage on the actiontec is not going to get you not going to get you anywhere.  It simply monitors all usage no matter what it is.  The monitor you have to watch is the online monitor on your telus account.  I find that one not very accurate either but more so than the actiontec.

Where do you think the usage reported by Telus comes from? It all has to flow through the Actiontec, so the totals on the Actiontec should match what Telus is reporting at their end.


HPNA = coax LAN port = TV traffic, so should not be included in the Telus usage.


If I have two ethernet LAN ports connected on the Actiontec, and WiFi turned off, then the total traffic shown for those two LAN ports should equal the usage reported by Telus.


The total of those two LAN ports plus HPNA should equal the total xDSL traffic.

It is monitored by systems on their side.  I say this because I have my own router that does NOT go through the actiontec router and they still see all my usage, albeit very delayed. Also, I do not know if you are talking about your set up only, but only one of five of my TVs goes through the HPNA port, the other four are through regular RJ45 network ports.

Telus does monitor usage on their side, independent of what modem or router you have. But if you have an Actiontec modem+router that is not bridged, then all the internet traffic of any kind goes through the Actiontec and should appear in its totals. And those totals should be a close match to what Telus shows at their end.


If you have a bridged Actiontec and you exclusively use your own router, then this discussion of the Actiontec statistics is not relevant to you. If you have an Actiontec router on older firmware that allows you to connect to the WAN port so that you can use your own modem for internet access, then that internet access is bypassing the Actiontec, and again this discussion is not relevant to you.


In my case I have a single PVR connected via HPNA, so all the TV usage should show up in the HPNA totals on the Actiontec. If you have other TV boxes connected by other means, then that won't be true for you.


The questions I am trying to answer are:

- Are the usage stats reported by the Actiontec understandable and useful?

- How close a match to Telus usage are those stats?

- If it doesn't match, why not?

- Can it be confirmed that TV traffic does not count in your usage totals?


So far it looks like little attention has been given to the Actiontec statistics reporting, and as a result it is buggy and not very useful. However, since I managed to reset my xDSL totals to zero yesterday by release/renew WAN IP address, the Actiontec reports that I have used about 2 Gbytes. Unfortunately that number doesn't make sense. We didn't watch TV for more than a few minutes yesterday to check the guide, and that usage appears to total about 200 Mbytes if I am reading the HPNA packet count correctly (byte count is overflowed and can't be reset). There was some general internet browsing and music listening, and we downloaded about 200 Mbytes. There's no way that usage totals 2 Gbytes. Let's see what Telus has to say in a few days...

So Telus finally got far enough along in their usage reporting for me to do some comparison to the Actiontec interface stats. It's not very close. One day the Telus usage reported was 2x the Actiontec traffic. The next day it was 15% less than the Actiontec traffic.


It appears that the Telus record may be too erratic to be useful for comparison. It reset to zero with no history on July 27, my monthly billing date. The next day it showed a value for July 23. The day after that it showed values for July 23 and July 25 (July 24th skipped). The next day, after I released/renewed with a different IP address, it showed values for July 25, July 26 (unusually high), and July 29 (July 27 and 28 skipped). The next day July 28 filled in without changing any of the other days, but it looks like July 27 will never appear.


So in conclusion:


- The Estimated Interface Statistics tracking of the Actiontec modem/router doesn't seem to be closely enough related to Telus usage to be useful, and there are too many bugs and limitations in the reporting (see below).


- The usage tracking by Telus is erratic and the traffic is not necessarily counted on the day it actually occurred.


- The overall average usage reported by Telus seems to be within about 40% of reality by my estimate, but it's not easy to verify any closer than that using any tools provided by Telus.


I'm never close to my monthly limit - but if I did go over and Telus tried to charge me extra for it, I would be prepared to argue that their stats are unreliable and they haven't provided customers with adequate tools to track their own use.


Some of the bugs that Telus should fix in the Actiontec Interface Statistics:


- The columns are labeled Bytes (MB). The readings appear to be in bytes, and Megabytes are never shown.

- Some of the counter fields in the stats quickly overflow at a value of 2147483647 bytes and cannot be reset except by a Factory Reset. There is no indication that they are overflowed other than the magic number.

- Some of the values shown appear to have digits cut off at the right in the table, as the leading digit will wrap around from 9 to 1 from one reading to the next without a change in the number of digits shown.

- Some versions of the Actiontec firmware apparently have a much-needed Clear button for the stats (or maybe if you have a higher level of Admin access?), but it's not available to users with regular access in this version. It should be.