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Dissatisfied long time customer

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Have been a Telus customer for over 10 yrs, and now with the newbies (employees) with a little bit of authority is making my life a living hell; can anyone direct me to a higher authority with Telus so I can put in a formal complaint. Thx


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@Nick1 Please visit the following link. "Customer relations manager".

If you're still unsatisfied with the outcome, you may then escalate your issue.

I am surprised that Telus has such poor customer service. I have spent hours on line waiting for a tech or rep.  Same with the Chat lines, today I was amazed I was twice inline today and both times I actually lost my place in the line and got bumped to a higher number.


Most businesses with long wait times now give their clients the option of leaving their telephone number and you get called back.


I recently upgraded my services and went with a Telus bundle, but had I known how hard it is to get a hold of a real person. Or else after waiting in line to find out that that person now directs you to call another number.


I would have stayed with my old provider, it is a smaller local company, they have all of the same services that Telus has but you can actually phone and get an answer and they have an office you can pop into and make an appointment.


I will most likely go back to them, if the current waits in line are typical I would rather pay more and be able to get service when needed.


Hi, I know what  you are going through.  I really think that the Que phoned lines and chat lines are more for show than they actuall help anyone.


If you go to the Telus main page, at the bottom of the page under Contact , hit the Contact and then at the bottom of that page there is another avenue to vent your frustrations.  However it appears that what ever your problem it is most likely something that they can not help you with, but they can give you yet another phone number to try.


I do not think Telus knows or cares about Customer Service.

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Thx, westcoaster BC and Don,

I shall give both links a try and hope someone listens to my issues.

I suppose when a conglomerate business gets even bigger it tends to loose its customer concerns & relations.

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Their customer Service SUCKS, SUCKS and only SUCKS....


I am on hold on my cell phone for 93 mins and counting. Keeping the phone far off, to reduce radiation...


It SUCKS....


F**K them...