Disconnections / 5 minutes packet loss period


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Hey there,

I'm experiencing weird periods during which I seem disconnected from Internet.


All of a sudden I have 95%+ packet loss (ping www.google.ca doesn't go through) and between 2 and 5 minutes latter, with no intervention of my part, all is good again.


This is extremely frustrating when playing video games, as I'm dropped from the server with no chance to reconnect in time.


Anybody experienced that?

Thanks for your help!




Community Power User
Community Power User

Latency spikes like that are unusual, if indeed that's what it is. Also, when you run ping tests, it's very common to see high packet loss rates as many servers will not respond to pings. You're better off running MTR instead as it can give a better indication if something in the middle is causing the issue though it is not 100% perfect either because of devices not responding to pings.


Also, depending on where the game server is located on the planet, the latency will vary considerably. 


More information is required as the original request for help is missing enough information to help diagnose the issue.


  1. Is your PC connected through wifi or ethernet? If wifi, do you have anything connected with ethernet and is it affected?
  2. Which modem/gateway do you have?
  3. When you have problems, do the lights on the modem change / go out? (DSL, Internet)
  4. How often does this occur?
  5. Are any other devices impacted? (PC, phone, etc)
  6. When did it first start?
  7. Have you called Telus yet?
  8. What troubleshooting have you done?
  9. When the issue is present, can you run a speedtest? What is the result?
  10. As for games are they PC based or console based? Which games and what servers?
  11. Anyone in the house torrenting or letting Steam download updates without bandwidth limiting turned on?

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