Disbursement lists or contact lists


Disbursement lists or contact lists

I send out messages to about 250 club members using a disbursement list, in Eudora.


This has worked well for years BUT messages will NOT go out the last few days.


I have split the list into 4 parts and each went fine. When I combine the list again – no go.


Are there limits as to maximum number of names in a disbursement list?


Are there limits as to the maximum number of messages I can send in a time period?


Do you have any other advice, suggestions or answers?

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There are a whole bunch of requirements / expectations with regard to large distribution lists, and SPAM control. You may be encountering this with your 250 recipient distribution list. A few things I recall need to be in any such distribution:

  • The reason the recipient is receiving the email (because they are a member of the club)
  • The means to be removed from the distribution list
  • Who is sending the email.

There can also be problems on the receiving side. I needed to get Telus involved with one provider of one member which classified Telus.net domain as a SPAM entity because I sent a 25 member email. Fortunately, they only blocked email to their domain, but I was worried that the sorting software they used might be interconnected with other domains. Could be quite a mess!


One of the organizations to which I belong has chosen MailChimp as a distribution method, as it is a legitimate means of mail-outs, meeting the above requirements, and is inexpensive (free). It also automates the removal of parties from the list, rather than you and your organization doing so. It also lets a number of folks be the creator of the content, so all does not fall to one individual.  There are other similar distribution products out there in addition.


I strongly recommend the use of a corporate intermediary for regular distribution of newsletters.




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Thanks NFtoBC


After doing some testing it appears that I can send about 400 emails through my disbursement list and then I can't send any more for about 45 minutes. The size of the disbursement list doesn't appear to be the issue, just the number of emails. I wish Telus would be more up front with their limits. I don't think I'm causing a problem with the little bit of emailing I do.  

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Most ISPs do have limits on mail being sent. Extremely few ever advertise what they are. The AUP / Terms of Service usually allude to bulk emailing being frowned upon. The vast majority of users send far far fewer emails. Extremely few operate mailing lists these days either.


As @NFtoBC suggested, MailChimp or another third party service like it would be your best bet.

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Thanks ! I'll check it out.