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Disappointing experience with Telus

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I had a year long rental where Telus internet was included in my rent. When my lease ended, I took my telus modem to Canada Post, which promptly lost it and Telus kept charging me for internet AND the lost modem although I didn't even live there anymore! But the best part of it is that they contacted me 7 months later to let me know that they sent my debt to collections! They didn't even bother to check my current address or to email me with their concerns. I called Telus 10 times, and nobody even tried to solve my issue. Suffice to say, I will never again get internet or anything else with Telus. Their only purpose is to make money off of people.


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Community Power User

There's pretty clear instructions for cancelling an account. They even remind you to keep the tracking receipt from the Post Office. Also, access to My Account / My Telus is available for some months after you cancel, so cancellation can be confirmed.


Upon cancelling TELUS Optik TV, Satellite TV or Internet, you need to return your rental equipment by following these steps:

  1. Call TELUS to change or cancel the rental equipment at 310-2255. If your billing address is not the address where you would like the return kit to be delivered, please inform the representative
  2. Within 1-3 business days you will receive a return kit that includes a shipping box(s) and a postage paid tracking sticker
  3. Once you have received the return kit, pack your rental equipment along with any accessories such as power cords, remotes, and cables, into the provided box
  4. Tape the box shut with the provided tape. Peel and attach the included postage paid tracking sticker and use it to cover the existing tracking sticker on the outside of the box
  5. Return the box to your nearest Canada Post outlet and mail it back to TELUS at no charge (locate the nearest Canada Post outlet). Be sure to keep your Canada Post receipt as proof of return and to track the package


  • If you have not receive the return kit within 5 business days, please call us at 310-2255 to have the return kit resent
  • If your rental equipment is not received within 28 days from cancellation, the equipment replacement charges will be applied to your bill. The charges will be credited back when the equipment is returned


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Canada Post does nothing promptly, not even lose things. But you would have had a tracking number with your parcel item, and so CP would know where in the system the loss occurred, and you would have proof of failed return. The fault here is not all on Telus if you don't have proof of return. The only real complaint you have is that Telus was charging you for internet that was included in your rent. That confuses me no end, but then it's early. Cat LOL


As someone who has experienced frustration when Canada Post lost a modem I returned to Bell.  I provided them the tracking number for the return, which showed, "Accepted at Local Postal Outlet", and that was the end of them contacting me over it.  These modems all have serial numbers and MAC addresses that can easily be shut down when lost or stolen.  When you return something, always take a picture of the tracking number with your phone and keep that until they receive it and make a point of calling customer service, waiting the close to 2 hours on hold, and give them that tracking number so they can instantly see you attempted to return it when it pops up in their system that it hasn't been returned.  

"make a point of calling customer service, waiting the close to 2 hours on hold" A two hour hold? That would be a miracle . Usually the wait is 3 to 4 hours. Telus could care less about customer wait times, it has been like that for years and they have never addressed the issue.