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Did the bridge thing... I think?

So I got a router today and wanted to see if I could follow a YouTube video. And here is what I did.
I went in to the actiontec and had to go into the code with f12. I found the transparent bridge line and made it visible. Selected the bridge option and applied.
It did it's thing and came back on. For some reason there is still wireless coming off of it but I plugged my new router in. Everything seemed to work but the wireless tv. I figured out that I had to turn off the 5ghz on the new router so that the access point would connect. As for the 2.5ghz our phones and laptop's are connect to the new router which is awesome.
But I was hope ng that I could utilize the whole router. Is there a way to use the access poi t and router at the same time.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Which Actiontec do you have?


Also if the Wireless Optik boxes are down, you'll need to reboot them just to be safe.

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I am assuming that you are intending to use your own router for the wireless connection to your STB, right? If so, which brand and model is your router?  Is it capable of multicasting?