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Data Usage is off the radar

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I subscribed to PikTV in early September.  Coincidentally since then, my daily data usages have skyrocketed.  Pre PikTV an average month would be 30-40 GB.  Now, mid Aug-Sept was 84. Sept-Oct was 176 !!  And now only 10 days into this billing cycle it's at 71gb.   Our computer habits and uses have not changed in the past year, no new devices, we're not gamers, we don't stream movies or music. (I know, boring right 🙂 .  We only sub to PikTV as it seemed economical for the little tv we do watch.  I have "chatted" with Telus numerous times about the issue and have tried all their suggested remedies. Finally a service tech came to our house last week and declared that the issue was "my profile" had been set up wrong and that PikTV was registering data usage, even though it's not supposed to do.  He assured me that the profile was changed and that there should be no problem moving forward. However that was last Thursday and according to My Account I'm still using an average of 7GB per day. with no logical explanation.  

There is a lot of knowledgable people in this Forum so I thought I would reach out to see if others have had similar issues and if there are any other solutions, other than cancelling PikTV and all my Telus services. 


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@melissaj  can you look into this.



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Make sure you are using only your PikTV device to watch TV, other devices consume data.

Ensure your device is properly connected by Ethernet or Wi-Fi to your Telus router.

Ensure your Wi-Fi password is secure (i.e. no one is siphoning your data)

Contact Telus again, to confirm the profile is correct. The PikTV device data consumption is zero rated as you state, so having your padt consumption at hand as you discuss its the CSR will be helpful.


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Thanks for your reply.

1) Only watch PikTV through the box that Telus provided. In fact, never"watch" anything on iPad or cell phones. Not our thing.

2) Device is properly connected to router .. confirmed by visit from Telus service tech

3) Have changed password twice since this issue began. 

4) A Telus rep has reached out to me so hopefully a resolution is at hand. 

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I think I'm dealing with the same issue.


I've gone from 60 gigs a month to this month being around 125 gig used sofar.      I have a feeling that some of the data being used by the Pik TV is counting towards my data useage.


Plus I've been wondering if using your internet (Ie. Facebook) at the same at watching Pik TV is causing a confusion on what data is used by what thing.  (Ie. Computer.  Tablet..   Pik TV Box)

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @Cwest


We'd like to look into what's happening here and help you out. Please check my PM so we can get some more info.




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TELUS Employee

@OldGuy I just PMed you