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I have a third party internet provider that leases space from Telus to connect to my home. (ADSL)

My question is, must I continue to pay for the land line (home phone) that I no longer want to still receive my internet through this line from my third party provider.

If I cancel my home phone will it affect my ADSL service from my third party provider.

Community Power User
Community Power User
You should address this through your provider.

Telus provided the means to provide ADSL without phone services by using what is called a 'dry loop'. There is a charge for Telus to maintain the line, which is normally recovered through the phone charge.
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The short answer is "no". You don't need to have a plain old telephone service from TELUS to keep your third party internet service. Your provider secures the line. You pay them, they pay us and you get the service you pay for. Your internet service is completely unrelated to your POTS service. Cancelling your phone has absolutely no affect on your HSIA service.