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As an Optik TV customer I wonder why the Telus/Cisco set-top boxes are not configured with DLNA capability to allow access to other in-home media servers (Serviio or Plex for example). This feature would eliminate the need to add additional network connections, set-top boxes (Roku etc), and even more remote controls to the growing pile.


I am interested to know if adding DLNA capability/access is part of Telus' plan for Optik TV.

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Telus won't even tell their shareholders what their plans are. They won't explain it to customers.


As for the likely answers, take your pick.


1) The STBs are running WindowsCE 5.0.1400. It's old (2004), embedded and I doubt it would support DLNA or anything relatively modern without a lot of reprogramming or hardware.

2) The STBs likely have very little ram in them. My PVR appears to have 14MB of ram on the System Info screen and the PVR is using about 8mb of that.

3) The STBs are pulling data from somewhere other than the local network or the internet.

4) The STBs had much weaker CPUs than even the Rokus do though I suspect the new wireless box may have newer hardware.

5) A lot of newer TVs support DLNA do they not? Plus I like my Roku. More options, more flexibility, less paying Telus.

6) The all important one. Why would any TV service provider allow you to view content on the TV using their hardware without them making money on it? There are some boxes that supposedly have the ability to support DLNA (Shaw's new ones - Shaw abandonded DLNA on them before releasing it btw) but I'm not familiar with any provider that offers that feature in Canada.


As for Plex/XBMC/any media server, no provider will support those because that type of software is often associated with people who download pirated video.

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