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Crap installation

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The big bag of douche that installed my telus fiber did a TERRIBLE job. The installation is messy, in a terrible spot. He would not put the box where i wanted it. I will just run it to my server closet myself. My question is - does any one on here have any experience with fiber optic cabling? I have never dealt with terminating fiber and I don't want these hacks touching my stuff again. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Wouldn't it be far easier just to run Cat6 from where the termainal is, to your router / server closet? Less cost in terms of your time and money. Sometimes there are limitations on where the installer can place the ONT. Messing with the fibre itself is never advisable.

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I've got a cat 6 run along the wall to the jack on my wall into the patch panel. I was hoping just to get rid of the black and white abomination in my living room hanging on the wall.