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Continuouse ping test reveals micro disconnects...Help


I have been having problems with Telus internet ever since it was installed nearly3 years ago.


I have my PVR ad media box Hard wired...…..


The speed tests reveal that the speed is very inconsistent. 80 percent of the time I get 150 or thereabouts however on occasions the speed drops to single figures.  Typicaly this never happens when the techs come out. Over the 2 years I have had aprox 10-12 different techs....


There reports vary from no issues on the lines anywhere including in the hous to its the home owners computers that are slow......


This is not the case. I have been investigating this on and off for the whole time. Recently I installed PINGIFY app on my iPhone to test the ping. It runs a continues test pinging every second. It has revealed the ping is very erratic ranging from 32 ms right up to high 100's and sometime doesn't even register a ping. ie there was a dropped connection. But the next second or 2 seconds there is a ping again.


I have been looking into this thinging this may be the problem causing my media player to buffer frequently...… Buffering only occurs on an adhoc basis. I have also taken my media player to a friends house and set it up. It worked faster and no buffering at all.


Eve when I take my ipad to my parents the ipad works a lot faster and no waiting on pages etc. This is very frustration. As I have checked hardware dozens of time at different locations even hotspots and still get better performance than at home.


Speed test varied as above but even when gettinh over 100 I still have these issues. Therefore I believe it is due to the latency and lost packets.


So today I installed Ping Plotter. Have a look at the graph. The target location was


I'm not sure how to interpret these results as it would appear that the target and my router are dropping over 50 to 60 per cents of packets....


Anybody got any ideas about this


any help would be appreciated. Telus support have not been helpful and I think are fed up with dealing with my address!


All hard ware including the T3200m have been changed out 3 to 4 times over the years and it did not help anytime...… Network wires have also been changed out in my house.





Community Power User
Community Power User

Are you sure you're not on wifi when doing the test? 57.9% packet loss to the T3200M screams problem at your end. Are you sure there isn't some device on your network that is causing problems or interference? What is connected physically to the T3200M. How is your network laid out? 


Also, testing to a single website isn't that useful. It doesn't show high latency at all in the example you provided. Just high packet loss on your end. What servers/addresses are you connecting to when you experience any issues that don't include the crazy packet loss on your end?

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100 percent not on wifi. I am hardwired direct into the router and wifi disabled on the laptop.


I connected the laptop direct to the t3200 for the test. I was testing with 5 different target websites.........


All showed packet loss at the router i.e. I also have 2 other switches connected going to 2 desk tops the Telus pvr a ps4 and a dennon receiver. But all turned off when testing. 


Packet loss ranged from the above result right up to 80....something - 90 something percent............ Its dreadful.


All targets show the HUGE packet loss. This is the 3rd T3200 I have had in 2 years

Community Power User
Community Power User

Solely testing to websites is not a good test. Ping by itself is not a reliable metric especially if the sites are using a content delivery network / multiple IPs and servers. The results don't seem to show anything out of the ordinary past the router though. I'd say go find WinMTR (free tool) and try the test again just to get a second opinion. It's not as flashy but it works.


Test to something other than common websites. Like a game server you use. 

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Depending on the speed test tool, packet loss during a speed test can be a useless statistics.  The tools inject more load than the network can handle, so there will be packet loss.