Connection issues since Feb 19/21


This is related to connection issues from Western Canada.  I first noticed on Friday evening that we were unable to connect to certain websites via Telus internet.  


I play a game called Black Desert Online, I am unable to launch the game through Telus.  I get all kids of disconnections and errors.  If I use a proxy server, tunnel bear in my case, I am able to launch and play the game without issues.  I get a lot of issues even connecting to their forum site.  Below is a thread in that forum that lists at least 4 other people from Western Canada all having the same issue.


My son plays a game called Roblox.  Likewise, he is unable to connect to Roblox.  Again if we use a proxy server, we can connect with no issues. 


We access a website called tortoise table (  This website will open, but continually times out/will not load pictures/etc.  If I run tunnel bear, it works without issue.   In fact, if I ping the website, it will continuously time out, but with the proxy server one, I can ping it with no issues.   


My wife uses Kakaotalk to communicate with her family and friends back home, continually disconnects/cannot load pictures.  These problems go away if we use a cellular connection. - It has a very difficult time finding a server, like it takes much longer than it should


My parents are also on Telus in the same city, and I can confirm that they have the same issues with the same websites. 


It is very frustrating to speak to Telus support as they default to the problem being an issue with our fibre router.  This is absolutely not the case as has been verified by the ability to connect to everything using a proxy server.  We signed up for Telus 10 days ago, and I have already spent more than 3 hours on the phone trying to solve this issue.   So now I have to take additional time off work to have a tech come and tell us that he can't fix it and will have to escalate it.  


The issue is not a problem with my router.  It is some sort of problem on the backend with Telus.   If I can fix it by going through a proxy server, that tells me it is not a local problem with my connection.   Likewise multiple people having the same issue is also indicative that there is something bigger going on here.   I still, thankfully, have our Shaw connection active, and have switched back to that for now.  If anyone else his having similar issues, please post here. 


I am having the same problem, I live in Edmonton. First my PVR wouldn't connect to the network after a reboot, and my internet is spotty, sometimes 170 Mbps down, than a few minutes later 16,40,60 or it times out on a speed test.

I even ran the speed test built into the router with inconsistent results.

Telus tech came on Monday February 22nd and replaced my PVR and router, and although the PVR is working now, my internet connection is still hit or miss, it's constantly fluctuating...

I'm going to try connecting through my VPN and see if that solves the issue.

Will need to call Telus again, something on there end is definitely wrong