Connection issues during and after zoom calls


I have regular connection issues during zoom calls - I constantly get the warning message that my Internet connection is unstable - even shutting down all other applications and turning off video, it's still an issue. I finally got a new modem installed and it's not gotten any better at all. In addition, the WiFi disconnects every single time at the end of a zoom call and it take several minutes before it will reconnect and stabilize, somewhat.


What the heck is the deal? I am about to make the switch to another provide at this point. Any suggestions?


I am having the same issue. My partner and I have the Internet 75 plan, which we were told should handle zoom calls while we are both working from home. We called Telus a few weeks ago, we re-set our modem, and the customer service person switched us to a different channel. Unfortunately, we are still having the same issue. I am constantly on zoom calls, and my Internet will fully disconnect multiple times during the call. Even when I turn off my video, turn off the wifi on my phone, close all programs, and turn off any cloud sharing. I am at a loss for what to do. I will likely be switching ISP's if this is a Telus-specific issue.

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I'm on 25 and zoom works fine for me. I'm not using it while wireless though.

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