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Connecting Google mesh to T1200H gateway

I get horrendous wifi connection in my house, to the point where I have two extenders provided by Telus and a TP-Link I bought just to use the internet. My gateway is located in the basement, with an extender on each floor. Theoretically, this should have solved the Wi-Fi speed/connection issues (according to Telus) but unless I’m in the same room or very close to it, I get less than half of my speed (on a good day!) to my wireless devices.

I’m just wondering if a Google Wi-Fi (or similar mesh networks) can be used along with the gateway as I also have Optik tv.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Are the extenders wired or wireless? If wireless the data speed will be halved due to the overhead of forwarding each packet received, and returning each packet you send.


What model TP-Link, and how is it configured?


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The Telus extenders are wired by Ethernet.

I have a RE450 wireless extender connected by WPS, so the half speeds on that make sense. The main reason I bought it was because my doorbell wasn’t receiving a proper signal, so this was bought to boost it and placed near the front door.