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Confusing Pure Fiber Internet Only promotional discount

Just Moved In

Does Pure Fiber Internet only promotional discount differ from the normal non-fiber internet? Signed up for Internet 15 in early May (which was automatically upgraded to Pure Fiber Internet 15/15 because of the community I lived in) and the promotional discount at the time was $28 off for the first 3 months ($40 for 3 months and Reg $68 thereafter). It also supposedly had a $50 credit for the first bill. All this information I got from what was advertised on the company website, what I was informed by the customer rep during sign up and what was shown on my order summary.


However, when I received my first bill it only had $13 off for the first full month with the partial charges applied with the same discount rate. The $50 credit was also nowhere to be found. Called up Telus and the customer rep told me that my discount is ongoing and I will be still paying the $55 rate (not Reg $68/month) even after my first 3 months are done. I am so confused why this was not advertised properly to me and I am worried that I am being misled again. Nothing was mentioned about the $50 credit and I was never aware of this promotion until I had talked to the customer rep. Can anyone tell me if you had a similar experience with Pure Fiber Internet and that this ongoing $13 discount is an actual thing? (FYI I live in Alberta if that helps)


The rep told me the reason for the discount I received is because Pure Fiber allows Telus to provide internet at a cheaper rate vs normal copper service...I really hope this is the case as I will be fuming if I see my internet bill being charged at $68 after 3 months.