Confused, is this right or not?


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Hey guys, Today I got a really nice technician to setup my phone line, TV and internet into our new house.  When he setup the router, did a speedtest I was amazed.  Finally 50MB download and 10+ MB upload, AWESOME!


We procedeed to installing the 3 TV boxes (1 PVR 2 default), and then did a couple of tests to check the network.  He was very nice and polite and it seemed like everything went smoothly, activated all the box devices and added the TVs to the optik remote then left.


Later I did another speedtest of my own and it the download speed went down to 10-12MB.  I figured it must be because we connected my brothers laptop, and 3 cellphones to the wifi so I disabled wifi on the router to test the speed again.  Still the speed was down to 10-12MB.


I turned off all the TV boxes and then did another test but this time it was up to 18MB download (with wifi enabled)


Can someone help me out here please?  Is this "fine" or should I call my technician back and tell him what happened or this is how it should be?


I should mention the setup:


so 1 PC (my pc) is connected to the modem/router

1 Box (in my room) is connected to the modem/router using ethernet cable (not into the wall)

1 box is connected into the wall in another bedroom

1 PVR is connected into the wall in the living room.

1 laptop upstairs connected in WiFi

3 cellphones connected in WiFi

Need to connect Xbox / PS3 to the WiFi which I am doing soon and probably 1-2 more cellphones.


Connection Status


Internet Service Provider (ISP):
Firmware Version:
Model Number:
Serial Number:
WAN MAC Address:
Downstream Rate:
Upstream Rate:
ISP Protocol
1483 via DHCP
Modem IP Address:
Lease Time Remaining:
1H 15M 22S
DNS Address #1:
DNS Address #2:
TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hey there. Sounds to me like it could be normal. More than likely something locally is causing the loss. There are so many little factors that can influence speeds. Sometimes it's a program in the background, sometimes you might have your TVs idle but they are still recording content, or in other cases it's a wireless signal issue (if not wired directly to the modem). If the speeds do continue to fluctuate I recommend reaching out to TELUS chat ( or contacting the phone techs at 310-2255. There are things they can look into on the network side to verify whether it is a problem on your end or on the network/equipment side. Especially if that is the consistent upstream and downstream you are experiencing. Hopefully that helps!