Cold lake, Alberta Telus Internet is horrible even after so many complains by many people


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It is November 16th 2014 and STILL getting 1-3mbps speeds while paying for a 15mbps net speed to telus.

I saw this thread and wanted to ask: Is Telus even TRYING? i have called Telus over 15 times with the same issue and all they can do is say its due to where i live.  Is this even a proper reply?  Is this what i'm paying for?  It is effecting my whole family.


I think i might be leaving Telus if this continues for even one more week.

If any of you have any suggestions please let me know.


My speeds during week days BEFORE 5pm are around 11-13mbps (its fine), but the moment it hits 5pm on weekdays and ALL DAY on weekends im running at 0.5-3mbps.


Sadly what really counts is exactly when its not working because that's when we all come home from a hard day of work and want to watch netflix or something.

On weekends,especially at a place like cold lake, without internet its very difficult to pass time especially for kids.

Is it fiber?
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@Nealit sounds a bit like there's a congestion issue. Those problems aren't easy to fix quickly. You could try asking Telus if they are aware of any planned upgrades but it's not likely the support people can give you that answer.


@rayrayjjIt won't be fiber.

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Does the Optik T.V plan come with optik internet if you bought that bundle? Or optik internet is completely different?


@Neal wrote:

Does the Optik T.V plan come with optik internet if you bought that bundle? Or optik internet is completely different?

All plans are sold as standalone. When adding another service, you get a $5 discount for added service, as bundling.



Names were finally changed to simplify.


Posted July 2, 2014

TELUS Internet plan names have been updated to be more clear and simple for our customers. If you are an existing TELUS Optik High Speed Internet customer, you may see a change in the name of your Internet plan in the coming months. Here’s how the plan names are changing:

Existing Internet Plan Names

New Internet Plan Names

Optik Internet 50

TELUS Internet 50

HS Internet 50

Optik High Speed Turbo

TELUS Internet 25

High Speed Turbo 25

Optik High Speed

TELUS Internet 15

High Speed Turbo

High Speed

TELUS Internet 6

High Speed Enhanced

High Speed Extreme

High Speed Lite

TELUS Internet 1

Your Internet speed and subscription are not affected by these new Internet plan names and remain unchanged.





Telus congestion throttle for the heaviest users in listed towns.

 Most customers will not experience any change. This change will only impact a small number of customers in communities where demand for Internet usage is greater than the available network capacity.

Only at times of congestion, a small number of customers using the most bandwidth will be affected and may notice slower speeds. This will allow us to provide the majority (upwards of 80%) of customers using less bandwidth with a better experience and more consistent Internet speeds. 

 This measure treats all types of Internet traffic equally; it does not discriminate by content or application. 

Mine was optic 25,but I switched to optic 50 and I have 4 wireless receivers,1 is a PVR but you can record on any of them and even off your cell phone,and yes the receivers run off your internet.I got internet 50 and run tests and am almost getting 60mbps on fiber,I turn on all receivers on HD and still have 46 to 48 Mbps..Telus is excellent in my neighborhood...